Production is now going very smoothly on our Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay wave, and if you’ve been following us on Instagram (and why would you not?!?) at four_horsemen_studios, you’ve been seeing regularly updated images of the test shots and paint samples the factory has sent to us. We just received a huge box of paint samples from the wave on Monday, so keep your eyes peeled for images of those in the very near future.

As with the first round of Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay test shots we received, even though there are some tweaks to be made here and there, for the most part, this is the best first pass at paint samples that we’ve ever seen from any factory in all of our years in the toy industry. They nailed almost every nuance we threw at them and if they can make the tweaks easily and adhere to this level of artistry throughout the full production of the wave, these figures are going to be phenomenal! We absolutely cannot wait to get these things into the hands of Mythic Legions fans and customers!

As we reported back in October, this wave has been delayed a little longer than we’d have liked, but we’re being told that the factory is still trying to find ways to bump our ship date from the factory up so the wave can be shipping to our warehouse by late Spring/Summer 2018 without cutting corners. So we still don’t have a solid date for you on when these will be shipping to us from the factory, but we should know something more solid, once they’ve made all of the necessary adjustments to the tooling & paints, and as soon as we have that information, we’ll let you all know.

We are still planning to have another Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay pre-order, but we aren’t yet certain of the date. We’re currently working with the factory to see if we should wait until a later date than we’d originally planned to do that pre-order for fear of delaying the current production process even more. Again, once we have a more concrete answer on that, we’ll be sure to let you all know.

On a side note… Various Mythic Legions shared exclusives (meaning they’ll be available for pre-order through Store Horsemen as well) with multiple 2018 conventions being worked on right now! More news about those soon. 🙂

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