This coming Monday, December 3rd at 3pm EST, you’ll be able to place a pre-order for your very own Mythic Legions: Siege at Bjorngar All-In set for only $200.00 (plus shipping & handling)! That All-In set includes the already revealed characters – Kkurzog, Bolthar the Tower, Thwikk, Faustia and the Ogre Legion Builder all for one great price!!

Listed below are the prices for this upcoming pre-order so you can plan accordingly…

Kkurzog – $55.00 (plus s&h)

Bolthor the Tower – $55.00 (plus s&h)

Ogre Legion Builder – $40.00 (plus s&h)

Faustia – $35.00 (plus s&h)

Thwikk – $35.00 (plus s&h)

All-In – $200.00 (plus s&h)

Ogre Legions Builders 4-pack – $140.00 (plus s&h)

Ogre Scale 2-pack (includes Kkurzog & Bolthor) – $100.00 (plus s&h)

This pre-order will run through December 27th. Please be aware that the money for this pre-order will be collected at the time you place your pre-order or soon thereafter. Shipping for multiple pre-orders will not be combined.

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