Next weekend – August 17th & 18th, 2019 – at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel in Anaheim, CA, the members of Four Horsemen Toy Design will be making another appearance at the 2019 edition of Power-Con!!

Eric, Jim & Cornboy will be bringing along various Masters of the Universe & Mythic Legions figures & prototypes for everyone to see, and they’ll also have Mythic Legions pins, comics & cards for sale at the show as well.

But, as many of you already know, the main reason to visit the Four Horsemen’s booth at Power-Con 2019 is because that’s where they’ll be debuting and selling your very first chance to get two of the most popular characters from their upcoming Mythic Legions: Wasteland line of figures – Kronnaw & Purrrplor!

These figures will be available on both Saturday and Sunday, but in VERY limited quantities. They’re only being sold as a Kronnaw/Purrplor pair and each pair will cost $80.00 (cash only). Purchases may be limited to one or two sets per person in the first hour of sales each day, based upon the initial response for that day.


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