GROUPThe wait is almost over! We FINALLY got the figures, boxes and stickers for the 2013 SDCC Alpha Phase Outer Space Men in a few days ago and they’re now in stock and being prepared for shipment. Included in these two limited sets are the Alpha Phase versions Colossus Rex, Gamma-X, Terra Firma, Jack Asteroid, Ohpromatem and Horrorscope. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, just check out the main page of http://www.StoreHorsemen.com to check them all out.

As for the shipping of the SDCC 2013 Alpha Phase Edition Outer Space Men, in order to save on shipping costs, all of the stock of those as well as the boxes and stickers for them were all delivered to SDCC for us and we were going to just have them shipped back to us here at the studio after the 2013 SDCC was finished in order to pack them up and ship them out to pre-order customers. We’ve done this same thing every year in the past, and normally we’ve been able to ship all of the SDCC Alpha Phase pre-orders out to customers within 3 or 4 weeks after the end of San Diego using this method and we’ve made it known at the beginning of the pre-order that the figures would ship after SDCC. For some reason our shipping was delayed by the trucking company for more than a week longer than we’d expected this time and the figures, boxes and stickers all just arrived the middle of last week. The figures have now all been boxed and stickered and will be shipping out to pre-order customers this Friday and next Tuesday. Sorry about the slightly longer than expected delay, but we think you’re going to love these things when you have them in hand and will agree that they’re worth the wait. 🙂

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