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Fate/Stay Night

Postby Ideal » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:00 pm

Is anyone else familiar with the series?

I was on Facebook one day and saw an advertisement for a new Figma figure coming out. Turns out it was Archer from Fate/Stay Night.

I had never heard of it, but the figure looked badass, so I started doing research on what the series is about.

The more I read, the more complicated things seemed to be. All I knew was that at every step I wanted to know more.

I found that Fate/Stay Night had a 24 episode anime, a movie, a full prequel anime that was apparently really popular called Fate/Zero, and another anime series in the works.

Since there were so many things to watch, I did a search to see what order I should watch them in. What I found was that people often recommended skipping any anime version of Fate/Stay Night and reading the Visual Novel instead.

Well that sent me down yet another rabbit hole, since I'd never dealt with Visual Novels before. Turns out they are more or less like the old "choose your adventure" stories from when I was a kid were every so often you are given a choice in the story you are reading and that choice changes the story. And further, there are 3 different versions of this story depending on what choices you make the beginning of the story.

Needless to say, after delving into the series as much as I had, I'm very much obsessed with the series, going so far as to download English patches so I can read Fate/Stay Night on my phone since it was never released in English, buying Japanese games I know I can't play, getting the Figma figures of the main characters, buying DVDs of the various anime, and even downloading translations of the Light Novel series for Fate/Zero so I can read the source material for that also (and I had no idea Light Novels aren't manga, they are just regular books)

I've also bought spinoff games that were released in English like Fate/Extra for the PSP and it's recently released sequel Fate/Extella for PS4
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