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Postby Sallah » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:55 pm

JamesLynch wrote:
Roland of Gilead wrote:I honestly don't think that the solution is to upgrade to 6" if the 4" pre-order tanks. That makes no sense.

It makes sense if you look that every 4H line that's been at a 6" scale has succeeded while their 4" lines have all struggled. And that 6" is, overall, a much more popular scale than 4". The only reason to keep them at them 4" scale is to keep them consistent with the earlier releases, and I couldn't tell you why they went with that scale earlier.

I think the successes of the 4H 6" line has more to do with the content/audience than it does them just being 6". MOTUC, Thundercats, and something that is basically the equivalent of D&D meets LOTR all likely have a larger audience than a line based off a VERY obscure 80's brand made by Revell. Turning Power Lords to 6" isn't just going to magically make more people interested- especially since they would likely be at a higher price point.

There is really no hard evidence to prove that 6" is more popular than 4". Is the market dominated with 6" stuff? Yes. Does that mean that 4" is less popular? No. It just means that is what is being offered currently. That has way more to do with marketing groups looking at "perceived value by the consumer" than it does popularity. A company looks at a 4" figure that costs them $2 to mass manufacture versus a 6" that costs $3 to mass manufacture and decide which one a consumer would accept at a larger markup. In an average consumer's eyes, bigger means that costing more is okay... so 6" is the better option to produce at mass market. A 6" figure priced at $20 seems easier for the consumer to accept than a 4" priced at $15. This is why most lines have shifted to 6" scale... As vehicles and playsets become less prevalent (due to diminishing retail shelf space), many companies look to the figures themselves as being the "high dollar" item.

As far as 4" scale being less popular though, there isn't much evidence to support that. Many, MANY kickstarters for 4" scale lines have met and surpassed their goals. Star Wars & G.I.Joe collectors have supported the scale for over a quarter of a century.... and while Hasbro has stated that the 6" Star Wars line is the best selling, this is more than likely due to them all but retiring the multi-articulated 3.75" line and shifting it to a minimal-articulation, low price point version (which likely only exists to sell vehicles and playsets). Check any Star Wars figure forum and you will likely see a very large group demanding more multi-articulated 3.75" versions.

Both scales are highly popular. There just aren't solid facts to blatantly state one is "more popular" than the other.

As for why the 4H went with 4".... Cornboy just addressed this on the podcast recently. Their original goal was to tackle ALL of the original Power Lords line, including possibly vehicles and playsets. Had they gone 6", it would have been almost impossible to produce the vehicles and playsets at a price point that would make them feasible. So they went with 4". :)

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Postby Ghost Whisper » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:15 pm

I haven't pre-ordered anything yet because I am trying to decide how deep to go. This week I added up how much I have outstanding in Kickstarter and Mythic Legion orders. It's...sickening and shocking. At some point I have to decide that all this outlay upfront has to scale back, and I am afraid this is affecting my Power Lords order.

The trend to collect upfront and deliver in a year or two is starting to add up and maybe wear a little thin. If my wife ever saw the figure I probley wouldn't have one. lol
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Postby DennyCrane » Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:44 pm

JamesLynch wrote:
DennyCrane wrote:If it does, I hope they don't scrap the whole thing and move to 1/12 scale.

I'm hoping they do. It's entirely selfish, but the smaller scale doesn't get me excited at all. The sculpts and articulation are fantastic, but itsy bitsy figures don't float my boat. Having those same awesome designs at a heftier scale where they can be much better appreciated is exactly what I'm hoping for.

I have no way of knowing if the 4H would do such a thing, though. If this pre-order isn't successful, they may just cut their losses and not touch the property again.

I'm actually more impressed at what they can cram into a smaller figure. That is, if the manufacturer bothers to. Most of the MU for instance did nothing for me, save for a few of the larger characters--the ones they put in the extra effort for. Hasbro in particular has a history of this. It will be very telling if the final products for the various 1:18 Kickstarters wind up as nice as the protos. The Zombie Labs in particular looks extremely well designed. So if they can do that at a smaller scale, you'll be able to fit more into a display and add things like vehicles, playsets, etc. Win for all. And I'll buy the hell out of the Mythic Legions dragon when it happens, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't prefer it to be 1:18 scale. 1/12 is just going to be SO big. I don't usually pick up toys that compete with couch space. :mrgreen:

Also keep in mind, half of these will be larger than 3.75" (at least 5 inches on up). Arkus from Series 3 (which must happen btw) seems to be one of the largest yet, so he may in fact be on the verge of 6" if that's your thing. My point being, there is something for everyone here.
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Postby Roland of Gilead » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:13 pm

You hit one of the biggest assets of the 3 3/4" line. The potential for vehicles and playsets. Not to mention the fact that I can go hunting for old Star Wars, GI Joe, or Playmobil sets and they'll work perfectly for my Power Lords.

That is not usually the case for 6" figures.
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Postby garyl » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:35 pm

I agree with a lot of what's been said here about size. The aliens are bigger than the soldiers and the Beast Machines are even bigger. I don't think upping the scale and price would be much of a selling point for the line as a whole. And while none of what I've collected is at this scale much of it isn't really at 1:12 scale either; none of the mechs, ultraman, godzilla or similar monsters, DC and Marvel BAFS and on and on. It would be more accurate to say the bulk of it is in the 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 inch range, with other things outside of that range added occasionally. Power Lords if it makes it, and I hope it does, will be one of those other things. But I don't see it being any problem at all. In fact, having Adam Power and his 1:18 soldiers battling Brontus and Light Guardian soldiers flying in on Iz-Ra-Mirruses; it's sci-fi gold! Anyway, one more night to sleep on it before making the final decision.
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