The Horsemen Respond! - December 2013 Edition

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The Horsemen Respond! - December 2013 Edition

Postby EDcomics » Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:57 pm

(Hey guys, I've had these answers since Thursday, but I'm only now getting around to posting them. That's on me, so I apologize! ALSO, I decided to title this the "December" edition. I think we'll adjust the threads to one month ahead, so it makes more sense when the answers get posted. Of course, feel free to let me know if that doesn't sounds like a good idea!)

And without further ado, here are the Four Horsemen's answers to your questions, grouped by category:

Power Lords

Mindless-Focus asks:

1- When will the Adams be released? 

Adam Power and Lord Power will first be released in their fully carded/fully
painted forms. They are in production now, and will hopefully be available in
February along with Ggripptogg and the Fan Club related figures.

2- How about new characters? Is it like the OSM? Once a year?

The release schedule will probably be looser for Power Lords. We hope to have
characters (like Sydot) going into production without necessary being part of a
wave of figures.

3- Would you ever consider doing vehicles?

We would love to! A lot of that depends on the continued popularity of the line.

4- When and how will all these variant Power Lords heads be offered?

We are still working on exactly how we want to handle these. They are far more
limited than the figures, so we want to make sure and do it right. As of right now,
we’re thinking that they may only be made available to Power Lords Fan Club
members, but that remains to be seen.


Dark69 asks:

Will Queen Shaya be 1 figure or 2?

Shaya is going to be tough figure on a lot of levels, and this is one of the
questions that we have been asking ourselves. Her tiny articulation points are
another issue that we want to take our time to work out. We want to make sure
that as many kinks are worked out with the “Glybrid” articulation system before
we get to the thinner figures like Shaya and Arkus.

Back to your question: Our guess right now is that we would use the
interchangeability to make her a single figure that can be transformed by
switching out some parts. The cape, belt and helmet allow for some covering up
that Adam couldn’t get away with.


Poe Ghostal asks:

1- When will we start to find out more about the back story for your version of
Power Lords, and will it have anything in common with what was established in
the 1980s or be completely original?

Hopefully soon! Our current model for the story is to utilize the original cardback
bios as a staring point, and then expanding on that.

2- Do you also own the rights to the DC miniseries from the early 1980s? If so,
and even if you are planning to create a new mythology for the line, would you
consider putting the miniseries out as a trade or online?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the rights to the DC miniseries.


Boomdaddy asks:

1- Any hints as to some other repaints or changes with the Power Lords Soldier
& elite figures?

We should have another set available early next year, and some new stuff at the
Toypocalypse show in February.

2- With another run of "limited" figures open up early to club members, what
happens when they sell out in 2 minutes again? Will members be SOL and if so
then what is the point in membership when you can't even get figures? I’m asking
bc I got lucky you did a second run of the last exclusives but I ordered my figures
7 minutes after they went on sale and still couldn't get in the run. Now I am a
member and paid my membership fees and I am concerned it may not net me
anything here when the Power Lords troops are the only reason I joined.

Two more sales since then have already happened and all Power Lords Fan
Club members were able to get in orders with no problem. Aside from a few
hyper-limited special items like test shots or factory extras, our goal is to make
sure that fan club members will always be able to get at least one of every Power
Lords figure that they want, and hopefully that nobody at all walks away without
being able to get what they want for that matter. Keep and mind too, that there
will be other perks to being a member besides getting in early for sale days!


Johnnyutah asks:

1- Any chance of getting an actual Loki Power Lords figure made? This character
was only released as a wind up toy, would cool to see as an Action Figure.

Yes! We would love to. We’ve actually talked to Power Lords creator, Wayne
Barlowe about this character, and gotten some insight into it’s creation. He would
make a great figure!

2- Are there any chances of getting alternate "classic" style heads for the
Power Lords line? I always thought Lord Powers strange smile was somewhat

Maybe. It would be down the road, though.

3- Any chance of having Wayne Barlowe design an all new figure for the Power
Lords line?

Absolutely! It would probably be later in the line, though. We want to make sure
that we get the characters that fans already love into their hands first. There were
actually images on display at our most recent Toypocalypse gallery show of a
couple of Power Lords characters that Wayne Barlowe designed which never
made it to toy form. Hopefully the line keeps going strong and we can get to
some of those amazing creatures as well.


RebelTrooper asks:

Concerning the Power Lords line, do you have any plans to release the Elite
Power Soldier and the Power Soldier in the same Magenta and Purple colors
as the Ggrapptikk Grunts? Also, any plans for any Holiday Edition Power Lords
figures in Christmas colors, perhaps an Elite Power Soldier in Green with Red
details and a Power Soldier in Red with Green details?

If there is a demand, we would be up for doing those colors for the Power
Soldiers. We’d love to hear if fans would be up for these, and also any other
variant color suggestions fans might want to see.

We won’t be doing any holiday editions at least for this year. Power Lords is it’s
own animal, and we are trying to plan out the line very organically based on what
fans are reacting to. It might be fun in the future, but for now it’s not in the cards.


Acroyear asks:

What about the standard versions of the first wave of Power Lords by Christmas?
It seems that all the repaints and convention exclusives is kind of like putting the
buggy before the horse, I'd wish they'd come out after the regular versions.

It takes much longer to produce the fully painted/carded figures, and we wanted
to get toys out to Power Lords fans as soon as we could. They will hopefully be
available sometime in February.


The Outer Space Men:

Clambo asks:

When do they plan on shipping my OSM Alpha Phase waves 6 and 7 and deluxe
figures 2 & 3 ordered back in September?

Not sure if this has been handled or not, but please email us if you haven’t
received them yet. We literally go through hundreds of emails and orders a week,
and things can fall through the cracks. If we ever miss something in an order or
haven’t gotten back please keep hitting us up!


Acroyear asks:

I was wondering if you'd have the regular versions of the latest wave of the
Outer Spacemen available for sale in time for Christmas (with a delivery to
everyone's home by Christmas)? I'd rather have these first before all the
repaints, translucent, exclusive versions.

Not quite for Christmas, but it should be soon after. The figures are in production
now, and they should be ready to ship from China by the end of the month! 


Adam16bit asks:

Colossus Rex - the Alpha Phase and White Star editions have extremely thin
walls near the palm of their right, open hands. Another poster mentioned his tore,
and looking at mine up close there is indeed an area so thin it appears I can see
right through it.

All of the other hands - both closed ones, and the open left hand - are fine. If you
hold up both open hands side-by-side and look at the hole, you can easily see
the problem - especially on the White Star release.

Is there any chance that the area around the palm of his open, right hand can
be retooled (and thickened) for the Infinity Edition release? After all, we're Beta
Phase-testing it right now, it would be wonderful to see this improved.

We weren’t aware that this was an issue until a couple weeks ago and
unfortunately the tooling for all of these figures is completed and the Infinity
Editions are already in production now. If we’d have been aware of this issue
earlier, we’d definitely have asked the factory to correct it before full production


Gothitropolis: asks:

1. Any plans to go back into production on Scarabus and his variants? Especially

As of right now – No. We would have to do a full production run if we went back
into production, which would take way too much time and money away from
more current projects. Unless something big happens with Gothitropolis in the
future he probably wont be coming back.

2. Any plans to create new variants for Scarabus?

See above. The same reasoning applies to this one.

3. Have you ever thought about creating a weapons pak for your Gothithopolis
toy line (similar to MOTUC)?

This is something that we’ve considered, and would love to do at some point.



Ry-dell asks:

I have been trying to get a hold of you guys for the date(s) of your Kickstarter
Intern for a Day program. I know that it was supposed to be some time in
December. I need to take the day off of work as well as pull my son out of school
that day. Any hint as to what you guys are thinking would be much appreciated!

This one was taken care of a couple weeks ago. If there are still any issues let us know.


Masters of the Universe Classics:

jonwes asks:

Question about the wings on the Flutterina figure. She's a beautiful figure overall,
but I know quite a few people were a little less than impressed with the wings.
Can you talk about why you took the approach you did? I think, in my mind, they
would be the same color and design as the vintage figure but be more realistic
looking. Maybe more like a delicate butterfly wing with that surface texture
and some veining. As it is, they seem a bit cartoonish and strangely three-
dimensional compared to a butterfly's wing which is mostly "flat" other than subtle

It's one of those instances where I was really excited to see you guys kick it up to
the next level and show how cool a butterfly winged character in MOTUC could
be, and I'll admit I was a bit bummed by the results. But, I was interested to hear
how you got to where you did.

This is a case where we felt like if we got too realistic with the wings we would
have to break up some of the lines of the original design. One thing that we are
careful of when updating designs is that we always want to add to the design but
never take anything away. As far as the thickness of the details, we didn’t just
want to scribe lines into a surface and call it a day, so we layered the details.
This is a case where we actually thing that the wings are going to look a lot
sleeker and streamlined once it’s molded in PVC and using production paints.


General Questions:

Mindless-Focus asks:

1.) I read in last month's Q&A that you are looking to improve your store and
shipping experience. While we here on the source horsemen forums have
become used to the sometimes lengthy turnaround times, others on other forums
criticized you for the lengthy turnaround time. Will you be looking to remedy this
in the near future?

We have been looking at a lot of the different aspects of the customer experience
and how to improve it. We’ve switched our shipping methods over to USPS
which has cut shipping costs in half, and sometimes by two thirds. Going
this route also allows us to make shipments more regularly which shortens
turnaround time. Another thing that we are doing with our most recent sale is
rather than do a pre-order we waited until product is in stock before opening up
sales. Even though we make it clear that it’s going to be a bit of a wait when we
do pre-orders we know that it can feel like it’s taking forever!

2.) With the success of John "Doctor" Kent's club Mordles and the format of how
he does his club members store, will you be looking to try and reproduce his

Not necessarily. We are letting the club develop as the demand sees fit. It could
end up being more like club Mordles in the end (it is very well handled), but that
may or may not be the best approach for us as our lines and clubs are very
different in a lot of ways.


Boomdaddy asks:

Any plans to add any other of your current lines in a 4'' scale? IE scale the
current this down to offer them in another size format?

We love the scale, and it’s something that we would like to do someday.
MagmaCORPS is one of our properties we’ve been considering moving to that
scale for a while now.


nanite asks:

Which Mattel DC lines are the 4HM currently sculpting?

We are doing some work on the Total Heroes figures right now, and there is
something that we can’t discuss yet that we are probably getting involved with
a few months into the new year. On top of that MOTU is keeping us busier than


Johnnyutah asks:

What upcoming conventions do the 4H plan on attending and displaying their
figures in a booth or shared booth? 

Anything can change but next year will probably be similar to this one with
appearances at Toypocalypse 4 at Toy Tokyo/ TT Underground in February,
SDCC with AFX in July, Power Con in September, and NYCC in October.


Acroyear asks:

If you all are planning on doing some other classic lines, may I suggest Crystar or
maybe the Other World? Or maybe even Blackstar? Or that line originally done
by Takara, Beast Warriors, or whatever they are called. They were Glyos sized
figures with each one with an animal head. Just some ideas.

All great choices! We’re huge fans of all of those lines (Battle Beasts was the line
you were trying to think of), and we’ve discussed the possibilities of doing those
and other lines for a while now.

I know this would be much more harder to do with all the legal hurdles to jump
but it would be neat to see some Krull figures or Last Starfighter figures. But I
imagine Four Horsemen has enough on its plate for the foreseeable future.

Also some cool choices. The bad guy from Krull would make a great figure! And
yes, we do have too much on our plate right now, but it never hurts to think about
the future.

Keep up the great work! And the MOTU figures ROCK!



Poe Ghostal asks:

On the Collector Connection podcast, Cornboy discussed how the Raven
Kickstarter was done because it was simply too expensive to produce the figure
without it. I'm curious why Outer Space Men and particularly Power Lords aren't
as much of a problem in that regard and can be produced without a Kickstarter.

The simple answer is that the upfront cost is so much less. The cost vs. return
is similar percentage-wise between the two types of projects, but we can get a
wave of smaller figures fully produced for what it would take just for tooling on a
single larger figure.


Boomdaddy asks:

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

10. It could chuck 10. Maybe 12 if the weather is cooperating.
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Re: The Horsemen Respond! - December 2013 Edition

Postby Izdawiz » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:41 pm

Thanks Ed! Great stuff!
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Re: The Horsemen Respond! - December 2013 Edition

Postby Johnnyutah » Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:37 pm

Thanks 4H and Edcomics!
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Re: The Horsemen Respond! - December 2013 Edition

Postby nanite » Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:13 pm

Excellent, thanks for the time!
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Re: The Horsemen Respond! - December 2013 Edition

Postby slackrguy » Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:34 pm

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Re: The Horsemen Respond! - December 2013 Edition

Postby naugem » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:03 pm

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Re: The Horsemen Respond! - December 2013 Edition

Postby RebelTrooper » Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:52 am

Thanks Ed and thanks Four Horsemen!
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Re: The Horsemen Respond! - December 2013 Edition

Postby Mindless-Focus » Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:51 pm

That's awesome. I really appreciate the answers given. Really dig that they are using card backs for the jumping point for their Power Lords back story.
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