Ogre-scaled figures

Re: Ogre-scaled figures

Postby Ziero01 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:20 pm

Hellion wrote:I've already voiced my displeasure at Orgres just being larger more extreme versions of existing races, with this mock-up I hope to show that just a few quick changes can make a huge difference...of course the tats should be more Norse god "Joutan Frost Giant" than " Jersey Shore" but still.......

I kinda like the big green Ogre for the Orcs, but I do agree the heroic Giant should be more then just a big barbarian, especially since his head is just so normal looking. If it weren't for his size, the heroic Ogre would look like just another Barbarian. The slate blue skin color alone would be enough to turn him into a stone giant or something similar, though a more unique head would go a lot further. Still, I doubt I'd get him regardless, in the Ogre scale I'm really only interested in two figures, the Green Ogre and a potential Arethyr figure unless they manage to come with some other surprise.
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Re: Ogre-scaled figures

Postby zombie13 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:39 am

A grey skinned one with the tattoos like that could represent a stone type Golem. I've wanted a golem for a while now.
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Re: Ogre-scaled figures

Postby Jim Abell » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:10 pm

Having skimmed over the thread I have to agree that I, too, hope that the released figures get new color schemes and don't just mimic the ones in normal scale. I think the thing that has me the most excited is that the upper bodies could be used for a properly scaled centaur. As nice as the Boss Fight horse pieces look, the centaurs don't quiet get there because the torsos are the same as the normal humans in the line which makes the human part look too small compared to the horse part. While I wouldn't mind a big, hairy humanoid creature, I think this scale it too big for werewolves.

Anyway, bring on the ogres, golems and half-giants. And as cool as Brontus is, I kinda wish they'd saved this scale for the cyclops (minotaurs, too).
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