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Urkku neck repair recommendations?

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 1:08 pm
by skulhedman
Recently while swapping parts amongst my orcs, the ball at the top of Urkku's neck snapped off as I was removing his head. What are the best methods of removing the ball from the head and then reattaching the ball to the neck (besides basic super glue)?

Thanks for any assistance.

Re: Urkku neck repair recommendations?

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 1:20 pm
by Ideal
not sure how much help this will be, but in my more adventurous days in the early 2000s, I've been known to repair some joints by carefully drilling a tiny hole in each end (the ball and peg the ball broke off of). then take a small finishing nail, nip the head off of it, and insert/glue the nail in the tiny holes I drilled.

it probably wouldn't do much in the way of making the head removable or helping get the ball out, but it might let you reattach the head in a permanent, but still useable fashion.

Re: Urkku neck repair recommendations?

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 11:47 am
by zombie13
If you want to remove the ball inside the head, drill a all hole in the ball if you can. Then use a small screw to go in that hole so you have something to grab onto to pull it out. You’ll want more than just one point of contact to reattach the ball to the torso. You could still use that screw, just nip off the head of the screw and drill another hole into the neck on the torso, BUT you also want to drill another hole in the neck and the ball. This will be your second secure point so when you glue the ball and neck back together, it won’t just twist right back off. You can use a finishing nail or even a paper clip cut to fit the right length depending on how deep the holes were drilled. You’ll want the holes deep enough to allow for enough of the screw and paper clip to be in there pretty good. Meaning don’t stick with shallow holes. But also don’t drill all the way through if you can help it. I’ve done fixes like this, I just don’t have pictures to show. You could use super glue, A lot of times I use a two part epoxy made by Devco. I use the five minute stuff because it’s quicker than the other that takes hours to cure.

Re: Urkku neck repair recommendations?

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 7:25 pm
by worldwar_hulk
I have some thoughts. I'm sure it's all easier said than done. I've personally never had to try this myself. But I feel like it could work. It's certainly worth a try when you consider the current situation.

STEP 1 - Getting the Ball out of the head
I have done this First Step with toys from other brands. Sometimes it's been shoulders, sometimes hips. But I don't see why it wouldn't work here.

---Get a screw that has threads that are thicker than your pilot hole drill bit. Ideally the screw shaft will be about the same thickness as your drill bit. Then the threads will be wider than the pilot hole, so that the threads will catch into the plastic when you screw it in.

---Drill a very thin pilot hole straight into the center of the ball that is stuck in the head. You'll need a very small & thin drill bit intended for a very small & thin screw. Drill deep into the ball, but not so deep that you pass through the ball and into the head. You don't want that.

---Screw your screw into the pilot hole, going into the ball. You want to screw the screw as deep as you made the pilot hole. Again not going so deep that you are screwing into the Head itself. You'll never get the ball out then using this method, that way.

---Now the ball and the screw are attached together as one piece. Once your screw is screwed in deep into the ball, you'll want to heat up the head. (I'd recommend using a blow dryer, as I don't know how well Mythic Legions paint will hold up under boiling water.) Get the head nice & soft, heated evenly all around.

---Once the head is soft, get a pair of pliers and and grab onto the screw head and pull the ball out of the head socket.

STEP 2 - Reattaching the ball to the neck
---At this point you should have a screw with the neck ball stuck at the end of it. I would unscrew the screw a little less than half way. This way the screw can still hold on to the ball firmly.

---Get a razor blade, xacto knife, even a dremel tool would work. I would cut off or sand down, the top third of the ball. To create a Flat top on the ball.

---Back the screw out completely and glue that ball back into place on the neck (don't worry it's not just going to be glued only, we're going to reinforce that neck in a moment.)

---Get that drill bit back out and pass all the way through that original pilot hole we made. Try not to widen that pilot hole, that is not the point here. Right now we are trying to drill an additional pilot hole down into the Neck, going through the ball on top. Drill the pilot hole deep into the neck.

---Get a screw that is long enough to connect both of the 2 pieces, the ball & the neck together without passing through the other end of the neck. Dry fit everything first. Make sure that you've screwed deep enough, and that the screw can screw in completely & tightly through the ball, and into the neck.
(depending on your type of screw, and the size of the screw head you may need to make a countersink into the flat top of the ball, in order to bury the screw head down a little more. This way the screw doesn't interfere when we reattach this new neck ball into the head socket. Again, dry fit test everything to make sure that your screw isn't so long that it pops through the other end of the neck.)

---Back the screw all the way out. Run a thin line of super glue all the way down the length of the screw. Do not use a lot of glue, and do not try to smear it around the screw threads. That will happen on it's own as we screw it into place. The glue will coat the threads as you screw it back into the ball, down into the neck. Super glues can set quickly, and this can get messy if you've used too much glue. So have a wet rag handy, and move quickly once you put down your glue.

---With the small line of super glue on the screw threads, screw the screw in completely & tight. Move quickly an try to keep the neck free from any excess glue. Let everything dry completely.

Afterwards you may have to stuff a small amount of the head socket with some sort of padding, a tiny bit of wadded up paper, tissue, etc. in order to make up the space for the 1/3 of the ball that we cut off.

If everything works out as I would think, I would expect that you'd have a stronger neck/ball joint than ever before. You should be able to pop on & off the head with no trouble at all, and still retain all of the range of movement for the head at the same time.

Re: Urkku neck repair recommendations?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:05 pm
by skulhedman
Thank you for the the advice and tricks. I wound up using the pin part of a push pin which i clipped off. I drilled holes in the neck and ball (while it was still in the head) and then fit it all together and added superglue. So far, so good!

I was a little nervous trying it, especially since a replacement ML orc is not readily available. But once I committed, it worked out well, and I have the confidence to use this or similar methods on other broken collectibles. I haven't tried taking the head off yet, though I don't really need too. It does have full range of motion though.