Secret Dungeon

Secret Dungeon

Postby Okeydoke » Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:31 am

Please forgive me if I'm somehow thumbing my nose at proper forum etiquette. This is my first mythic post and only the second or third I've ever posted anywhere. Just wanted to grovel for a chance to experience an instance of major fan-boy wish-fulfillment, if the 4H would be so kind

In light of recent "tribute" figures e.g. Adamonn, Keltus, Raygorr, please consider a super-stealthy-sub-line of Mythic Legions figures inspired by the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons figures from the early 80's. I am a massive fan of all things sword, sorcery, and the like; and those figures have a special place in my memory, perhaps because there wasn't nearly as much attention paid to fantasy genres at that time.

Dont misunderstand though. I love the lore being created by ML. I, quite simply, would be thrilled to see those AD&D characters interpreted in the 4H's vital, contemporary, high-quality medium. I know the names would change, but throwing one or two into an occasional interim wave or maybe a handful into each Kickstarter project is doable, right? I mean, the characters' general esthetic fits right in. Of course, a special "Heart of the Labrynth" assortment with Elkhorn, Kelek, Mercion, Strongheart, Warduke, Zarak, an evil elven/half-orc/human assassin legion builder, and an ogre-scale Ogre King would be nothing short of magical.

Thanks for your kind attention.
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Re: Secret Dungeon

Postby Visionary » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:30 pm

Oh there's no etiquette here,but welcome.

I'm way more in for more D&D inspired figures than I am for MOTU inspired figures. MOTU has been done already and somewhat recently so let's show more love for D&D.

I'm very excited about the PCS statues coming for the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.
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Re: Secret Dungeon

Postby jscott991 » Wed Aug 01, 2018 2:10 pm

Didn't they already release a figure that could function as a Warduke homage? In the arena wave?

I only had two of these figures as a kid: Warduke and the Hook Horror.

I wish Mythic Legions included more D&D inspired monsters and races, but I'm pretty satisfied with the direction of the line right now (even if I have zero interest in the line's actual backstory).
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Re: Secret Dungeon

Postby squeezeplay » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:23 pm

jscott991 wrote:Didn't they already release a figure that could function as a Warduke homage? In the arena wave?

Only partially. You'd need to combine parts from several different ML characters to even approach Warduke's look, and then you'd still need a couple more parts or to customize a couple to actually complete the approximation. That's not counting several key details you'd need to fabricate out of whole cloth.

What I did was I took Raygorr's (Coliseum, not arena btw) helmet and helmet-wings, left gauntlet, left boot, left pauldron, and belt, with Barbarian Builder flesh parts, Adamonn right gauntlet and boot, a gold-hilted/silver bladed longsword and matching dagger, shield from a WWE C.A.S.S. warrior pack, plus I added a pendant that I had from some random figure to top it all off.

We still need a dark blue matte upper arm and thigh to replace the flesh left sides. Then I will give him a differently colored gauntlet and boot on that side. We would still need heavy mods to some of his parts to actually look exactly like Warduke though, and that is good for the 4HM.

Interestingly, there are already more D&D nods in the line. For instance, Gorgo Aetherblade is similar to Grimsword, while Skapular The Cryptbreaker is very similar to the skeleton knight PVCs they did.

There are others, but not even sure I should be saying this much, so I'll leave it there.
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Re: Secret Dungeon

Postby secondwhiteline » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:29 pm

Gideon also seems to be inspired somewhat by Strongheart, plus Sturm from DragonLance. And Snagg has a similar look to Zarak, although a different race (Goblin vs. Half-Orc).

What I'd love to see in ML is a cleric/healer taking after Mercion. Also, a Spectre, Lich, and Shambling Mound like in the PVC line.
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