Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to add

Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to add

Postby LipSmack » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:44 pm

Im bored at work and way too excited waiting for my AoD order to arrive. So im wondering, and apologies if its been discussed, but what is your narrative when it comes to this amazing line? Are you playing in Mythoss and jsut taking whatever 4H can give? or do you have your own thing going and what are your ideas and goals with your collection? what do you want to see made to help fill up your shelves?

Im 28 and grew up at a pretty great time for Fantasy collecting, Namely Toybiz LOTR and Warhammer miniatures. I am obsessed with Elves so 4H did me very well this last go around, This line is the perfect amount of creative and Generic, by that I mean it gives us amazing figures if your a Mythoss collector, and gives me a great LOTR Proxy, which is the approach I went with to my collecting... I knew early on I couldn't have it all, there was just too much, so I settled on my loose "LOTR" theme, picking figures and archetypes from the movies/toys (Elves, Men, Orcs, Dwarves, Trolls etc..) which left vampires, skeletons demons, and the animal hybrids to you guys :D .

Once my armies are built up enough I want to work on a custom Band of Travellers (proxy fellowship). To make this easier Im hoping 4H can give us some halflings and some casual armor/garb options for at least the 2.0 bodies, not everyone needs to be strolling around in plate armor, even in Mythoss :lol: and I think it would really help with the world building too. Horses are an amazing next step too, dying to see all the option 4H dreamed up for it

so yeah, ill edit and add as I go but id love to know what everyone else's approach to collecting this line is, what helps you decide to buy a figure or not?

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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby Ideal » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:57 am

For some reason I never really recognized "fantasy worlds" as a different world, rather than just a different time/setting than now. The further removed from a realistic setting, the less I could suspend disbelief. Even if that meant accepting dragons/goblins/whatever existed in real life at some point, it makes more sense to me than to imagine an entirely different world that just happens to have medieval humans.

That being said, I had no real direction when the line started, I was just buying the figures I though looked cool and as many as I could afford. Once I got my first figures, I noted that Sir Ignatius and Sir Valgard looked like they had inverted color schemes of each other, and thus must be associated with each other more directly than the other characters appeared to be. I used this line of thinking when buying Gadriel and Gwendolynne in ML2, as their color schemes match the previous 2 figures, respectively, in turn expanding what I see as a specified team.

With ML2 and my decision to go Elf heavy, I've set it up in my mind that each "color" of elf (human tones, green, shadow, etc.) are essentially different houses that worship/are ruled by a specific deity figure. Regular elves are ruled by Artemyss, who views herself as overall ruler of the elves. Shadow Elves worship the demon Zazhar, and are now blue due to his corruption. Green Elves follow Xylona and are more at one with nature. Ice elves I think will be a nomad tribe that takes control of wild beasts like the Ice Troll
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby Jeremy Girard » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:28 am

I loosely follow some of the concepts from the line, but I fill in lots of gaps, especially with the customs I create. I post those customs, and the storylines for each character and my version of Mythoss as a whole, at http://www.instagram.com/mythiccustoms

In a nutshell, in my version of Mythoss

There are 7 main "kingdoms" (which is a nod to the 7th Kingdom property), and most of these kingdoms has sub-kingdoms with them
1. The Realm of Men
a. The Kingdom of Little Falls
b. The Empire of the Lion
c. The Barbarian Clans
d. Hezar Afsana, the far Eastern kingdom
2. Forests of the Fae
a. The Elves
b. The Forest Folk
c. The Unseelie Court
3. Dwarven Kingdom of Undermountain
4. Wild Lands
a. Ramathorr's Herd
b. The Minotaur Tribe
c. The Avian Palace
5. Monsterous Races
a. The Orcs
b. The Goblins
c. The Trolls
d. The Ogres
e. The Giants
f. Yuan-ti
6. Lands of the Undead
a. The Skeleton Army
b. The Vampires
7. Ethereal and Abyssal Plans
a. Angels
b. Demons

In my world, everything falls within this general framework and I have certain alliances, grudges, etc. that are a part of the overall storyline I have going for my characters. This also influences how I display my collection and what gets grouped together.
Check all of my Mythic Legions customs at www.pumpkin-king.com/mythic
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby Visionary » Mon Oct 01, 2018 4:24 pm

Armies of Light
Mythic Creatures

Armies of Dark
Mythic Creatures

1 All Powerful Deity that has power over both sides.
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby newfoundma » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:17 pm

I like the mythology 4H is coming out with, but I also play with different mythologies inspired by video games like Dragon Age and Divinity: Original Sin. I can't wait for the new figures to arrive, so I can play around with a narrative around the magical beings being imprisoned and having to escape from oppressive humans (The Heavensbrand siblings will be in charge of the camp and need uncomfortably work with Delphina as the head of religious zealot Templars, who the Heavensbrands need to work with to maintain power). Sorcerers, goblins, orks, elves, trolls, vampires, and yes, Boarirors will need to work together to escape from the hateful human knights (this is largely inspired by the plot of Divinity: Original Sin 2). I love the idea of having the tradiitonally evil characters like orcs and trolls and vampies as protagonists of their own story.
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby Cythagen » Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:09 pm

I'm fairly content with the official Mythic Legions narrative as framed by 4H, but I've also incorporated parts of Seventh Kingdom and Gothitropolis to unite all three lines.

As far as I'm concerned, the mysterious and forbidden "Seventh Kingdom" is actually home to a temporal vortex that Scarabus' Timekeepers use to power their chrono-hammers and enable their time-traveling. The Timekeepers recruited criminals and grifters from some of the kingdoms (Haures, Azazel, Melchom, and Nergall) to become Scarabus' lieutenants in the future Alternate Earth where he is seeking his return to power. In response, the Kingdom of Beasts has secretly defied the agreement to stay away from the Seventh Kingdom in hopes of stopping Sacarabus' minions. The Beast Kingdom sends its forces through the vortex into the Timeless Realm in pursuit of the Timekeepers, who lead them to various exit points on different worlds. The Hrabbans (Ravens) wind up on Alternate Earth, where they form the Order of Lunagoth for the purpose of stopping the resurrection of Scarabus. Others, such as Eathyron, wind up on Mythoss, whose inhabitants view them as divine beings. Once it is learned that the Timekeepers are working cooperatively with Mythoss' own villainous factions, Eathyron and his brethren use the illusion of their godhood to influence the creation of armies that can fend off the advancing darkness of the Four Horsemen, as well as Scarabus and any other outside evils that may be traversing the Timeless Realm.
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby Forcehunter » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:50 am

Glad to see someone equally enthusiastic and giddy with their job as I am.
I borrow from a bunch of different sources for my narrative for Mythic Legions and I make my own mods to the in-house lore. This may take multiple posts

The overall story I have for Gorgo and the Four Horsemen is thus: I place the creation of Mythos 10,000 years from the present Mythoss. Helyos and Selyne exist and are responsible for the good-evil dichotomy. Men, elves, fairies and dwarves, the children of Seylene suffer about 1,000 years of plight until Seylene finally sends her champions to defend and banish Helyos and his four commanders (collectively referred to as The Dark Gods). The war rocked the world and shook it to its core lasting 500 years until Helyos and his generals are cast into the void and prevented from returning to the material world. Gorgo Aetherblade, a spirit who was Arethyr's second in command had avoided capture and destruction and lurked in the far northern of Mythoss referred to as Magog by men's common tongue trying to regain his strength biding his time. After 2,000 years from the defeat of his masters, deluded in thinking he can become the next Dark Power, he gathers all the fell creations, men who worshipped the dark gods, and spirits to him and launches a new war, again plunging Seylene's Children into a century of epic war and strife. But because of Seylene's gift of light magic and the toughness and resilience shown from the War of the Gods, the children after great sacrifice were able to defeat Gorgo's forces in a united front even felling Gorgo's material body that he wore into battle and weakening his ethereal form. But he was not destroyed, his spirit severely weakened, but still alive. In this time of his weakness he roamed the world as just a spiritual gnat, simply a tempter or urge but nothing more, occasionally able to reach chief servants like orc shamans, and fell men who still enslaved themselves to the Dark powers in order to muster forces to harass and disrupt any sort of peace the Children of Seylene could enjoy. In this time, during The Great Alignment of the Veils (a solar eclipse on what was known and feared as Sau where the spiritual world and dark realms briefly intersect with the material) Helyos and the other Dark Gods called out to him ordering him to prepare to bring them back and break the barriers that kept them and their dark forces from returning. Helyos revealed to Gorgo that after their victory, Seylene's champions and ancient mages erected temples and barriers that would prevent the great spiritual energy of the Dark Gods from coming back. Those temples must not only be destroyed but desecrated and profaned by a dark ritual in order for the magic to be broken and the barrier open by the next Great Alignment of the Veils. Gorgo uses his time to again secretly re-fill the realm of Magog with evil creatures, regain his power to the point where again he is a potent dark power and locating these temple barriers and learning how to destroy them.
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby Forcehunter » Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:25 pm

The Army of Leodysseus traces its origins way back to the War of the Gods. Many tribes of men fell under the sway and thrall of Heloys and his dark children, cowed by their great power. There were some though, who defied the Dark Gods and sought freedom. A great warrior house that long fought against the orcs and defended their lands and people stood above the rest in valor, honor, strength and wisdom. When Leodysseus himself came with his siblings to end the reign of terror of the Dark Gods, he found himself impressed with this house of men and made them the foundation of his forces to liberate Mythoss. In the final battle which saw the destruction of the dark forces and banishment of the Dark Gods and having seen again and again the greatness of the great house that allied itself to him, he declared in front of Seylene and his siblings that this house had earned the right to be a manifestation and representation of himself in the material world, for they are the noble and fierce lions of men, and proudly called them The House of Leodysseus, and named their first king Lio The Great. He had promised the House that as long as they ruled with honor, and continued to resist the pull of darkness his spirit would be with them guiding them and support them in their struggles in the coming centuries. The covenant had been maintained through the centuries and The House of Leodysseus grew from a house to an Empire uniting the men of their region now known as Castillia and later into the wilderlands of Ameris Nord where they encountered and allied with the dwarves of the Ironjaw clan of the Stallone Mountains, campaigning against trolls and orcs that had congregated and infested those lands since the end of the War of the Gods.
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby squeezeplay » Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:07 am

Awesome background, everyone.

I haven't worked out a full background for everything but I did write a couple short pieces explaining a little about some relationships in Mythoss. This one is a bio for a certain part-swap that I won't have finished until after I get my 2.0s from the pre-order. It's basically going to be all the green parts from Faunus and Orn combined into a tall all-green knight but with the Silverhorn Sentry loin cloth and greenish head:

The gentle heat of a summer day turns short and gives way to autumn leaves; the night air grows crisp, and small, cold human fingers grasp kiln-fired mugs of hot, mulled brackenbarry wine and tart-plem cider spiced with cinum; 'tis then that the villagers of Mythoss feel the urge to gather 'round a merry, crackling bonfire, and they must needs grow boisterous enough that their laughter keep the deep night shadows at bay.

When it draws near the witching hour; when the lonely, mournful sound of those distant mountain wolves who yet have no mates begin to knell; and the light from the dancing fire droops as low as the eyelids of the village children who desperately want to stay up as long as their elders do; 'tis then that the Old Tales of Mythoss spin out, like thin, winding skeins of pilla flax yarn from an oft-used loom.

As the stories go, among all the myriad inhabitants of Mythoss, few have been seen so seldomly or have so little known about them as the Forest Lords. Mysterious tales; half-whispered rumor that echoes down long, dark, dusty hallways of memory; few can separate legend from myth and bold-faced lie regarding these enigmatic denizens of the Deep Green.

This is mostly because, of those fell creatures -be they followers of Arethyr, Illythia, Necronominus, or Poxxus- who would threaten the living beings who inhabit the forests of Mythoss, and have e'er seen a Forest Lord... not a one remains to tell the tale. Only the moss-covered bones -of them that had bones, at any rate- and rust covered armor that litter some areas of the forest floor are left to give mute testament to any recent encounters.

Something similar could also be said about the free folk of Mythoss, though none of those have seen a Forest Lord since times long passed. The humans, dwarves, elves and other beings who walk in the light have too much respect for the forest denizens to earn the wrath of such as those great Lords by traipsing about in their territory uninvited. Among the benevolent races, all that is left are the Old Tales about them, passed down through the generations from great-grandfathers-and-grandmothers who felt brave enough to boast of having encountered one.

Some say they're more spirit than flesh inside their magnificently designed, verdant-colored armor. How else to explain the way they fight? Much faster than any human fighter be they. Like a whirling, flowing, graceful dance; but what dance partner would willingly come near to embrace those flickering blades? Woe betide those who try to harm one of the forest's inhabitants; considering the way those mysterious protectors are said to blend with the surrounding forest, you're not likely to see them coming either. Or at least, not much more than a brief, blinding green flash before your head flies - the old men and women of the village chuckle. Supposedly, they're also nigh-invulnerable to man-made blades, and e'en many a blade forged by magic. Not to mention the very potent deep nature magic they themselves possess. Or so the story goes.

When the talk turns to them, as it inevitably always does, it takes on a slightly more hushed tone than that of many of the other stories. An almost reverential tone. The voices of the Forest Lords are the soft, sybilant soughing of the wind as it caresses the sinuous limbs of the granya tree. If their movements *were* to be seen, in them could be recognized the dazzling ripple of the sunlight on the surface of the rushing wooded stream. Their purposefulness is the will of the very forest itself.

Of course, there are always the speculations on their origins as well. Some say that they were human once, kings and queens and heroes of old who could not resist the hauntingly beautiful lure of the Deep Woods Magic; and so gave up all mortal wealth and ties, to run forever free beside the older beings who make their abode in the shaded glens and deep, sweet pools of the green forest. Others believe that they are the very first, most favored children of The Goddess; her first protectors whom she set as guardians over her leafy domain. Still others scoff at this; but them that do are oft seen to leave the largest offerings at the forest-edge when it's time for the annual tithing to Her. If that particular rumor be true, then surely would it explain just how incredibly powerful they are. If so, Xylona help us if one of them ever be brought over to the side of evil...

The other one was an explanation of why Myria has green skin, but I lost that one and am going to have to rewrite it.
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby LipSmack » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:17 pm

Wow Thanks for all the replies! great reads, makes me want to do up a more in depth write up!
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby Hellion » Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:57 pm

For me it’s generic fantasy. All the dwarves are on a shelf, there’s no divide in factions etc...
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby ReallyBigKid » Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:21 am

What is your version of Mythoss?

This is mine.

Man and Elf-folk dwell at the centre of the largest continent. Experiencing all seasons, the climate there is moderate and the landscape is fertile. Heavily forested, water and game are as plentiful as the laws that govern the many attractive villages and cities that bespangle the central realm of Mythoss like jewels.

To the west—beyond the red sands, where barbarian hordes roam—lies a plethora of coastal cities. The customs of the people who carve a living from one another there appear savage when compared to that of those who’ve made their home in the east. All things are for sale on the western coast—for the right price—and the competition is steep … Although the region is loosely governed by the Sons of the Red Star, citizens settle their own disputes, usually with the use of a blade. The largest of these seaports plays host to fishermen, traders, slavers and cut throats, but it is the coliseum games that binds the western shore-folk in their love of coin and bloodshed. The coastal earth—sun baked in a variety of browns, reds and yellow ochre—is as harsh as the people who live and die upon it. Little is yielded from the red soil, but sorrow.

To the south, over craggy mountains, are the Doomed Lands. Already heavily shadowed by the range above, the forests and wooded valleys below are gloomed even more so due to frequent rain. It is as though the land is in constant mourning. The plant life is twisted and dark as though suffering an unholy blight and the stony earth is stained in muted hues of violet and bone. Immense wolves and bats—unnatural and cunning—stalk the shadowed undergrowth in search of foolish travellers who have ventured too far from the roads, but even those monsters fear their masters. Some say that the Doomed Lands are a cursed place, and perhaps they are right, for it is there that the dead are at their most unquiet: Vampires, skeletons, zombies and wraiths rage against the living and the nights, in which they prefer to hunt, are long. The people who call that ill-famed place their home are not a welcoming lot. They are suspicious and hostile towards strangers. Heavily fortified walls and ground spikes surround almost every drab hamlet and city. The town gates are closed before sundown and watch fires dot the outer perimeters in a futile effort to ward of whatever terror the night brings with it. The brave do not live long in The Doomed Lands. The townsfolk huddle like drowsing livestock within tavern’s—praying for dawn, while the local farmers are left to defend their own as best they can beyond the high walls. However, a handsome living can be salvaged in that sombre part of the world if one is brave enough. The Doomed Lands are rich with gold, silver and precious stones. It is for this reason alone that such a haunted territory attracts a vast amount of visitors, including Dwarves and Goblins, who offer their mining services at exuberant prices …
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Re: Whats your Narrative? and what would you like to 4H to a

Postby koonfasa » Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:10 am

Today, my Mythic Legions come from Earth 615 and are Autobot slaves waiting to be saved by the Empire.

I recall the days of RPG's and wargames with lead miniatures. When Star Wars came about we actually started using the Kenner toys. Imagine all those games with these toys now!
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