BST dracos70 - Have test shots, 7th kingdom

BST dracos70 - Have test shots, 7th kingdom

Postby dracos70 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:49 am

Hello all,

Looking to get the following AOD figures:
    - Brother Mandibulus,
    - Elf Ranger,
    - Lucretia,
    - elf weapons pack,
    - vampire/shadow weapons pack

And some general 4H stuff from the past:
    - Demon Fire Scarabus
    - Figure stands

    - Otho
    - Attlus

    - Coliseum Orc legion builder
    - Torionn

Have the following for trade:
    - xetheus loose
    - queen alluxandra in box
    - Hammer of Gholl MOC
    - Gauntlet of Vaskkh MOC
    - loose Helm of Xaamn
    - test shot of xarria, Raygorr, Faunus
    - gryysha test shot head
    - lot of loose MOTUC (let me know what you're looking for)
    - vintage video games

PM me for pics or lists. Cheers.
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