Neck Painting - Matching Tones and Questions

Neck Painting - Matching Tones and Questions

Postby jscott991 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:51 am

So, one thing I immediately noticed about Faustia is that her neck is painted in a flesh tone. This is a major improvement over Gwendolynne and Delphina (I will leave Ravaena aside because I know there is some controversy about whether that neck should be painted flesh -- it looks terrible black, but that's just my opinion).

I wonder why the 4H switched course and changed the neck on Faustia. I hope it's a sign of more attention to that small detail in the future.

All of that being said, I have a question for people who have the figures in hand. What paints match Gwen and Delphina's unhelmeted head skin tones best?

I tend to use Vallego or Citadel paints and have some flesh tones available, but if I need to order additional tones, I definitely will.

I will also need to find a blue to match Azza's skin tone so I can try to work on the horrible tattoos, but that's for another day (or thread).
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