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Figures in Focus: The Children of Necronominus

The coming of the fourth and final Horseman is nearly at hand. The Realm braces for the arrival of the dark Master of Death known as Necronominus. Not all fear this return, however, for there are a trio who have been working for years to see this day dawn. In this “Figures in Focus” article, we take a look at the Children of Necronominus.

Mythic Legions figure skeletons

The First Child - Malleus

Released as a stretch goal in the very first Mythic Legions Kickstarter campaign, the first of the Children of Necronominus that made their way into Mythoss was the twin-axe wielding terror known as Malleus. According to his bio:

As one of the three remaining children of Necronominus himself, Malleus is true underworld royalty. Serving as the ear of Necronominus until his master’s return, he serves as judge, jury, and executioner to any who pose a threat to his father’s teachings. A deeply devout follower of his father’s word and scripture, Malleus quickly dispatches those who diverge from the path that has been chosen for his congregation.

This biography on the character, presented at a very early stage in the line, contained multiple pieces of information which would be expanded upon in later waves. First off, we were told that Malleus was only one of three siblings who were children of the Lord of Death. From what we can read here, we also learn that Malleus is something of a zealot when it comes to his father’s teachings.

Interestingly, when we consider the faction that has formed under Necronominus, that fact that it is labeled a “Congregation” is very telling. This word is normally associated with religious groups, and the fact that Malleus is described as a “deeply devout follower” further reinforces this religious connection. As a contrast, the heroic faction from the Legions of Light which stands against the army of undead is also a faction for which religion and faith are key characteristics.

Another piece of information to consider is that it says that Malleus is “one of the three remaining children of Necronominus.” The word “remaining” is key here. Did Necronominus have additional “children” under his command during the First Great War? Perhaps they were dispelled or banished along with the Lord of Death himself, which means they could be waiting to return to Mythoss along with their father.

In addition to being released in the first Mythic Legions wave, Malleus was also voted to the “All Stars roster as part of the Mythic Legions: All Stars 3 wave.

The Second Child - Brother Mandibulus

Unlocked as one of the many stretch goals from the second Mythic Legions Kickstarter, for the expansive Advent of Decay wave, the terrifying warlord known as Brother Mandibulus was the second of Necronominus’ children to appear. According to his bio:

Mandibulus is the most vocal and visible of Necronominus’ three remaining children. Often springing into action on his sister Morgolyth’s behalf, his aggressive ruthlessness is terrifying to behold. While his brother Malleus is obsessed with the preservation of their father’s teachings and his sister Morgolyth is focused on leading their faction, Mandibulus’ sights are set on the complete slaughter of all who oppose his family and their disciples.

In this bio, we learn about the organizational structure of the children of Necronominus, and the third of the siblings is named – his “sister Morgolyth.” We discover that Morgolyth actually leads this evil faction, while Malleus focuses on the preservation of the teachings of Necronominus. Brother Mandibulus, however, is seemingly less concerned with the legacy or continuation of their father’s work, but with the wholesale destruction of any who would oppose them. He is the enforcer for the faction and his family, ruthless and unforgiving against any who stand against them.

Mythic Legions figure skeletons

To date, Brother Mandibulus has only had a single release, within the aforementioned Advent of Decay wave.

The Third Child - Morgolyth

Referenced in the bio for her brutal brother, Mandibulus, Morgolyth was another stretch goal figure that was unlocked during the Advent of Decay Kickstarter campaign. She was actually one of the final figures to be unlocked, and in doing so the studio completed the trio of Children of Necronominus. According to her bio:

High priestess and leader of The Congregation of Necronominus, Morgolyth rules with a resigned coldness reflected in her faction’s deadly efficiency. Less savage than her brothers Malleus and Mandibulus, her ability to see through the eyes of her dead soldiers keeps her perpetually aware of her armies’ actions. Truly believing that the moment has arrived for her father Necronominus’ return, Morgolyth is readying her faction for a new era of evil.

Once again, the biographies of these characters reveal interesting details for those willing to dig into them. We learn here that Morgolyth has the power to see through the eyes of her dead soldiers, a terrifying ability indeed. We also learn that she is working to ready her faction in response to her belief that Necronominus is returning, a belief which most certainly was reinforced by the eventual return of the other members of the Dark Four – Arethyr, Illythia, and Poxxus.

Looking to another character bio, this time for the ghostly Hagnon, we learn of another of Morgolyth’s dark abilities:

Once a proud soldier in The Order of Eathyron, Hagnon led a legendary campaign that led to one of The Congregation of Necronominus’ greatest defeats. Later hunted and captured by the treacherous Brother Mandibulus, he was brought to the unforgiving Morgolyth for his final reckoning. In a chilling act of revenge, Morgolyth ended Hagnon’s life and resurrected him as one of her own. Eternally chained and shackled for his crimes, he has become the menacing and forever-conflicted ghostly agent of Necronominus.

So here we discover that not only can Morgolyth see out of the eyes of her undead army, but she can resurrect fallen soldiers to serve as part of that army. These powers truly make her a terrifying foe to face, and a chillingly capable leader for the Congregation of Necronominus.

Morgolyth has only seen one release so far, as part of the Advent of Decay wave.

Preparing for the Return of Necronominus

The dead have been quiet in Mythoss for ages, but that is beginning to change. Evil is returning to the Realm, and dark plans are being hatched in the remote locale known as the Deadlands.

The following passage is taken from the historical writings to be collected in “Mythic Legions: Rise of the Dark Four, Volume 1”. We have adapted this text for the purposes of this article. A more complete history will be found in the pages of that forthcoming volume.

Finally, far off the Eastern shore of Mythoss, there existed an island of death known only as The Deadlands. Avoided by ship captains who told of strange happenings and lost vessels that sailed those cursed waters, this island held a terrible secret at its core. For in the center of the Deadlands, hidden from view by the mountain chain that ran like a ring around the island, lay the House of Blessed Bone. This temple to Necronominus was where his three remaining children had escaped to after the First Great War. There they plotted for the second coming of their father, for the dead do not need to sleep, and Malleus, Brother Mandibulus, and Morgolyth worked tirelessly towards their terrible goal.

That goal is about to be realized. For the final member of the Dark Four, the forth horseman and the dark embodiment of Death itself, is returning to Mythoss.  Join Four Horsemen Studios on Friday, November 4th from 10am to 4pm EST as we usher in the return of death during the G-con: Necronominus broadcast! This livestreamed reveal special will be available exclusively on our YouTube channel. Like past G-con events, it will feature interviews with members of the studio and friends as we reveal the new figures from the Mythic Legions: Necronominus wave one by one. As the reveal special wraps up at 4pm EST, the preorder for this new Mythic Legions wave will be available at

Are you ready for the work of the children of Necronominus to be fulfilled? Are you prepared for what is to come? Death comes to Mythoss, and Necronominus returns – 11/4/22.

Published on 10.14.22

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