Even in this stage before it’s been colored, it looks EPIC!! Enjoy!





Four Horsemen Studios are giving their fans exactly what they’ve been asking for… COMICS!! For the first time ever, these legendary toy creators, in partnership with KRCO Studios will be releasing a comic book based on their new Mythic Legions action figure line on Kickstarter.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating details of the creative team since the book’s announcement, but today the Horsemen made it official by sharing that comic book/ animation producer and novelist Greg Weisman (Disney’s Gargoyles, Young Justice, Star Wars: Rebels) will be crafting the story behind the amazing toy line. The book will feature a colorful wrap-around cover and interior art by Marcelo Ferreira (IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers/Angry Birds), and the possibility of more surprise artists to come. The 48 page prestige format graphic novel also includes 22 pages of pulse pounding fantasy action, figure stats, and back story on the entire Mythic Legions toy line.

Based on the property bible, set forth by the Horsemen, this exciting story introduces the mythology behind Mythic Legions, setting the stage for endless epic tales of good versus evil! It will also feature exclusive behind the scenes studio pictures, sculpts, and design art from Four Horsemen Studios. If that wasn’t enough, this book will be introducing an Attack and Defend-style tabletop RPG that can be played using Mythic Legions action figures, dice, and your imaginations.

Fans who have pledges that include the Mythic Legions art book on Kickstarter will also receive an exclusive bonus set of trading cards and a Mythic Legions mini print! PLUS, for the first time ever the Four Horsemen will give one lucky fan the epic opportunity to become part of the story and be immortalized not only as a character in the book, but have their likeness sculpted into an actual one-of-a-kind action figure!

With only one week remaining, fans should act quickly to get in on the action of the Four Horsemen’s already successfully funded Mythic Legions Kickstarter. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this toy line, comic, and all of the amazing surprises being announced for stretch goals this week!

Mythic Legions Kickstarter

For interviews and more information please contact Marissa Faith

About Four Horsemen Studios – For 14 years, FOUR HORSEMEN STUDIOS has been designing and producing some of the finest action figures and collectibles in the toy industry. Through an unprecedented partnership with the world’s largest toy company, Mattel, the studio has created hundreds of award winning figures for lines as varied as Masters of the Universe, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, DC Universe Classics, and Man of Steel to name a few. In recent years Four Horsemen Studios began creating their own properties and designing and manufacturing the toys to support them. The studio has developed several fan favorite properties including their wildly successful Gothitropolis line that has amassed a fan base across the globe.

About Greg WeismanGreg Weisman has been a storyteller his whole life, creating Disney’s Gargoyles and responsible for producing such animated series as Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man. His first novel, Rain of the Ghosts, was published in 2013; its sequel, Spirits of Ash and Foam, arrived in bookstores in 2014.

About Marcelo FerreiraMarcelo Ferreira broke into the comics industry with Ape Entertainment, working on licensed titles such as Richie Rich, Madagascar 3, Rise of the Guardians and Kung Fu Panda. Marcelo also served as lead artist on the Fruit Ninja comic book based on the bestselling game app. Adaptable to many different artistic styles, Marcelo is currently working with IDW on properties such as Black Dynamite and Transformers/Angry Birds.

About KRCO – Launching in late 2015, KRCO is a media studio & consulting company based in all things geek. For interviews and more information please contact Marissa Faith


Mythic Press image_sm


We are now about two and a half weeks into our Mythic Legions Kickstarter campaign, and we have just broken the 91% mark! To all of our backers and to all of the folks out there spreading the word: Thank You so much for helping to get us closer to making this dream line a reality! To celebrate the success that we are having with the campaign so far we wanted to reveal some new figures, and announce some exciting updates…

Reworked stretch goal numbers:  We know that you all want to get to the stretch goals as soon as possible, and so do we. So we have moved the stretch goal numbers around a little bit so that as soon as the goal number is met the first two stretch goal figures will become available! So that means that Attlus the Conqueror and Urkku will be available at $140,000.00, Vitus and Asterionn will be available at $150,000.00, and Azhar and Zazhar will be available at $160,000.00. Hopefully that will give us time to move through the stretch goals and beyond!

Vitus and Asterionn revealed:  We are so excited to finally reveal these two amazing figures! Vitus and Asterionn are two of the most unique looking figures in Mythic Legions to date. We can’t pass up a good opportunity for a good old fashioned Minotaur figure, and Vitus brings an entirely new look to the warriors in this line. Also, pay close attention to Vitus’ armor and gloves. The armor is the first example that we are showing of the final enhanced detail that we added to the tooling patterns, and the gloves are the first time we’ve shown the added wrist articulation on these figures.

All new Malleus figure revealed and available NOW!:  We’ve wanted to find a way to get this guy into the lineup, and we couldn’t think of a better time than now! This menacing skeleton axe lord is officially making his debut in Mythic Legions. He’s the first skeleton figure to feature an added hinged jaw, and his unique head design is cracked and worn from his years on the battlefield! Malleus is available right now as an add on at $33 a piece for US backers and $40 a piece for International backers!

Again, thank you so much to all of you that have been supporting the Mythic Legions KickstarterWe couldn’t do it without you!

KS AsterionnKS VitusKS Malleus





This coming Saturday, February 28th and Sunday, March 1st Four Horsemen Toy Design will be making an appearance at the Long Beach Comic Expo in Long Beach, CA.

Besides having their own panel at 4pm on Sunday, they’ll be at the KRCO booth (#504) all weekend showing off some of the incredible work that they’re currently doing, including some new Mythic Legions prototypes that have never been seen in person outside their studios!

So if you’re going to be in the area this weekend, be sure to drop by to say hey, have a chat and get a look at some of these amazing action figure prototypes up close! To get your tickets for the show, just go here –


Mythic Press image_sm


The voting for our FANtastic Exclusive Mythic Legions figure has been going strong over on the forums! There are a lot of great ideas being tossed around, and some strong front-runners are shaping up. We wanted to let everyone know that the first rounds of voting (rounds 1-8) will come to a close on Wednesday evening at 9PM EST. That will conclude most of the voting for the basic body parts and the head. There is still a lot to go after those rounds are wrapped up though, including the accessories and color choices. So if you are interested in helping to decide the fate our FANtastic Exclusive winner please head over to and go into the forums section, and then look for the voting rounds in the Mythic Legions Kickstarter & Fantastic Exclusive section.















The new Power Lords figures, Neutron Blast Lord Power and the Dark Nebula Power Soldier are in stock now on Store Horsemen and are now available to the general public! There are some left, but they’re going quickly, so be sure to get over there and get yours soon because once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good!




Mythic Press image_smWe are now just a little over a week and a half into our Mythic Legions Kickstarter campaign, and along the way we have seen several requests for certain types of items and characters. One of the great things about Kickstarter is that we can make adjustments along the way to meet the needs of our backers. So today we are making some major adjustments to the Kickstarter page, including newly available items and a restructuring of the stretch goals. Here’s a rundown of what’s in store:

Four Horsemen Figure Stands: These universal figure stands are perfect for displaying any and all 6” scale figures. They work perfectly for Mythic Legions figures, our various Bird figures, along with of our previous in-house lines. The adjustable metal figure clip allows for standing poses as well as hovering and flight poses. The figure stands are available as add ons for $5 shipped for both domestic and International backers.

Mythic Legions Weapon Packs: Each pack includes all six of the current Mythic Legions weapons in a themed paint scheme. Those weapons include: a small sword, large sword, dagger, spear, axe, and shield! The two themes are a heroic pack which is painted in a shining silver and gold combination, while the evil pack is painted in and ominous black and gunmetal scheme. Each weapon pack is in the add ons section and they are $12 for US backers and $13 for International backers.

Urzokk and Bog Goblin figures: Fans have been asking for Orcs, so we figured out a way to move around our tooling plan a bit so we can make it happen with Urzokk! And since those new parts are now available, we are also now able to offer the Bog Goblin figure! These two awesomely evil figures are now available as add ons at $33 a piece for US backers and $40 a piece for International backers.

The reconfigured Stretch goals: Now that Urzokk and the Bog Goblin figures have been moved out of the stretch goal section we have decided to re-assess the structure for the stretch goals. We are so excited about the stretch goals that we wanted to double them up at each level, so we can get to unlocking them faster! The new levels will now be: at $150,000 Attlus the Conqueror and Urkku will be unlocked, at $160,000 Vitus and Asterionn will be unlocked, and at $170,000 Azhar and Zazhar will be unlocked. Where we go from there will be revealed when and if it is necessary!

Reveals and surprises: We are currently working on casting up and painting the hidden stretch goals as the campaign is going on. We are going to show off updated silhouettes, and fully painted figures as they progress! We also hope to have some more exciting updates and surprise items available along they way to ensure that this campaign remains exciting, and most importantly, fun!

Again, we cannot thank you enough for all of the support on this project! The kind words and encouragement have been amazing. We just can’t wait to try and pay you all back by getting some seriously cool toys into your hands as quickly as we can!

To go directly to the Mythic Legions Kickstarter campaign, just go here –

KS UrzokkKS Bog GoblinHeroic Weapon packEvil Weapon packFigure Stand



Don’t forget! Tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 20th at 3pm EST) the Power Lords – Neutron Blast Lord Power figure and the Dark Nebula Power Soldier figure both go up for sale on Store Horsemen! Both of these figures are already in stock and will begin shipping on Monday.

Each of these fully articulated and Glyos compatible figures is 4 inch scale, will come poly-bagged, and will include the staff, the rifle AND a bonus head for extra customization!

For the first 48 hours these figures will be available to Power Lords Fan Club members ONLY for a discounted price of $10.80 each, plus shipping & handling with no limits on amounts purchased. After the first 48 hours (Sunday, Feb. 22nd at 3pm EST), if any figures are left in stock, sales will open to the general public for $12.00 each plus shipping & handling. Payment will be collected at the time of the pre-order or very soon there after.