If you’re a fan of 80’s comedy/horror style movies, then you’ve gotta check out our friend Jerry Macaluso’s new project, Portal Poppers! The Kickstarter for the project just launched a few days ago, and not only have they set a fairly low goal for such a cool and ambitious project, but there are some pretty awesome rewards as well! Check out the $60.00 reward level for a cool hand-painted resin mini-figure of the Chomperz monster. and they even have a reward level where you can be killed in the movie (well, not REALLY killed… maybe…). To check out that cute little fella, Chomperz, and the Portal Poppers movie project, just click here –


As many of you may have already seen, we’ve announced the official launch date of the Kickstarter for Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay (previously referred to as Mythic Legions 2.0). We’ll have more info on that over the next couple of weeks, but if you haven’t seen the teaser video yet, just go here –

Also, the shipment of Mythic Legions: Covenant of Shadow, Mythic Legions: All-Stars 1.0 and Mythic Legions Trolls have finally arrived at our warehouse, and over the next few days we’ll be sorting and organizing them, and then we’ll be printing out packing slips and shipping labels in preparation to begin shipping sometime next week, if all goes as planned. The Troll packaging is way larger than we originally thought it was going to be, so to make some room in the warehouse, those will be shipping first and separately from other pre-orders, even if your pre-order of other items included the Trolls. After that all other orders will begin to ship. Please note that if you receive an email that your shipping slip has been printed, that doesn’t mean that your package is shipping right away. Because of the volume of orders shipping out, we have to print out most, if not all, of the shipping labels in advance. But keep that email because that tracking number will be the number you need when your item ships.

We’re making every effort to not only get all of this new shipment sent out to everyone before the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay Kickstarter launches, but we’re also still very much in the process of addressing all of the current customer service issues, and we plan to have those wrapped up by the time the Kickstarter launches as well.

Last, we’ve been told by the company creating the Art of Mythic Legions, Book One book that things are still steadily moving forward, and we’ve seen some beautifully colored pages recently that we’re dying to reveal to you soon. We are going to try to nail down a final date for that book within the next week along with some reveals from the interior, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.




A large Mythic Legions shipment containing the items listed below is arriving at the US docks and to the Four Horsemen warehouse in the very near future – we’re expecting to hear that they’ve arrived at the dock by the end of this week, and they should arrive at our warehouse a few days later, if all goes as planned.  Once this shipment arrives at our warehouse, we’ll begin getting them organized, counted and catalogued, and shipping to customers will begin.

 If you placed a pre-order for any of the items listed below and have moved since then, but have not updated us with your new shipping address, please contact us at with the subject line “ADDRESS CHANGE”.

 THE DEADLINE TO CHANGE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, ON MONDAY, JANUARY 9th at 12:00pm EST. At that point we will begin printing shipping labels and packing slips, and we cannot guarantee that we can alter your shipping address after that point.

Below are the items arriving in our upcoming shipment…

 MYTHIC LEGIONS: TROLLS (pre-ordered Feb. 26th – Mar. 14th, 2016 AND July 18th – Aug. 23rd, 2016) – Forest Troll & Stone Troll

 MYTHIC LEGIONS: COVENANT OF SHADOW (pre-ordered July 18th – Aug. 23rd, 2016) – Baron Volligar, Gorthokk, Torionn, Cador, Scaphoid, the Silverhorn Sentry, the Templar Knight Legion Builder, and the Deluxe Knight Builder set

 MYTHIC LEGIONS: ALL-STARS 1.0 (pre-ordered July 18th – Aug. 23rd, 2016) – Sir Ignatius, Sir Gideon Heavensbrand, Orn Steelhide, Asterionn, Scapular the Cryptbreaker, and the Deluxe Barbarian Builder set



All of the recent Store Horsemen orders that were placed between November 14th & November 30th, 2016 have all been shipped out. All of the Store Horsemen orders placed between November 30th to now have also either shipped, or will be shipping within the next week.

Our main focus right now is taking care of all of the outstanding customer service issues before the next shipment arrives and before the Mythic Legions 2.0 Kickstarter begins later this month.

We haven’t gotten word yet on whether the Mythic Legions: Covenant of Shadow, Mythic Legions All-Stars 1.0, and Mythic Legions: Trolls waves, which we’re pre-ordered throughout this past year, have arrived at the docks here in the US yet, but we’re expecting those to arrive there and to our warehouse in the very near future. We’ll post a separate, more detailed message about those later today.

We’re awaiting word on the current status of the Art of Mythic Legions: Book One, and we’ll post an announcement about that here as soon as we have that, but we can tell you that we’ve seen some of the final colored interior pages and it’s looking phenomenal! We’ll see if we can get clearance to post an image or two of that for you all to drool over.



If you placed a Store Horsemen order between November 14th and November 30th (besides a few issues that those customer have been emailed about), your package shipped yesterday – if it hadn’t shipped already – and is on it’s way to you now. Any Store Horsemen orders on or after November 30th to present will begin shipping tomorrow if all goes as planned.

We’ve heard complaints about some people not getting tracking numbers for their order, and that the order just arrived unannounced at their house. That’s probably because our store can now determine from the distance you live if it would be cheaper and faster to ship your package via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery or FedEx SmartPost within the continental United States. If your package shipped via FedEx SmartPost, then you were charged less for shipping & handling charges than you would’ve been had it been shipped via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery, and we’ve now discovered that FedEx SmartPost does not provide tracking info. For all future pre-orders and orders, we will no longer be providing the option to ship via FedEx SmartPost, to ensure the safety of the delivery of packages. All packages within the continental United States will be shipped via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery.

Upcoming Mythic Legions waves – Covenant of Shadow, All-Stars 1.0 & Trolls – are all still scheduled to arrive at our warehouse just after the beginning of 2017, and we’ll begin shipping those out to all of the pre-order customers as soon as we get them organized and processed for shipment.

The current outstanding customer issues have taken us a little longer than we’d anticipated to take care of, but rest assured that we’re in the process of taking care of those now and ASAP.




We just wanted to give a heads up to everyone who made a purchase in the most recent Mythic Legions Store Horsemen sale which started on November 14th, 2016 that some of those orders shipped out yesterday, and this image is just one of the pallets of both domestic and international packages that are going to be shipping out today. Our plan is to have all of the orders shipped out by this coming Friday.

We’re also still going through the customer service issues. Even though that’s taking us a little longer than we’d hoped, our plan is to also have all of those taken care of by this coming Monday at the latest.

Thanks for your continued patience and support! Four Horsemen and Mythic Legions has the best group of fans and collectors any little toy design company could ask for!!




A new Mythic Legions update for you all. Although these are all of the currently laid out plans, all of these are subject to change, and we’ll release updates as that happens…

RIGHT NOW:  Nearly all of the current outstanding Store Horsemen issues have all been taken care of or are in the process of being taken care of, so shipping of all of the most recent Store Horsemen orders (which started on Nov. 14th) will begin shipping this week. A pic of the shipping slips being printed below. Do you see yours in there?

UP NEXT:  Mythic Legions: Covenant of Shadow, Mythic Legions All-Stars 1.0, and the Mythic Legions: Trolls (which pre-orders were placed for during the summer) have all left the factory and are on the water heading to our Warehouse in New Jersey now. That shipment should arrive at the docks sometime between Christmas and New Years Eve, so if the holiday shipping traffic doesn’t hold things up, we should see them arriving at our warehouse sometime in early January (hopefully sooner). As soon as they do arrive, we’ll begin shipping all of the pre-orders out to customers.

JANUARY: Mythic Legions Kickstarter 2.0! More on that VERY soon!