After reading the discussions on our fan forums we’ve decided to go in and adjust our pricing on the Mythic Legions test shots.

When we first saw these test shot images from the factory we fell in love with the color that they were molded in, and we thought it would be a cool idea to have them send us all of their additional figures so that we could make sets and offer them up to fans through Store Horsemen. This is something that we’ve only done once before with our Power Lords line, and we wanted to see if this was something that Mythic Legions fans would be into.

We based our pricing on that previous sale, which seemed like an acceptable price considering that these figures are substantially larger and more complex, plus the fact that we were including shipping charges in the cost and paying extra out of our own pocket to have them express shipped to us from the factory in order to have them shipped out to customers in time for Christmas. The upsides would be that fans could get something rare and unusual that normally isn’t made available to the public, and on our end the sales of these test shots would help fund the development of future Mythic Legions products.

Well the fans have spoken, and we are listening. We always do our best to listen to what our fans want, and most importantly we want to keep fans’ involvement in this line fun! We know that these particular items aren’t for everyone, but we want to make sure that folks who do want them aren’t being shut out due to the price. The new prices reflect our attempts to keep these viable, while still covering the costs from the factory and the various express shipping charges and these new prices are effective immediately.

So with that said here is the new and improved rundown on these figures…

All of figures (with the exception of the Barbarian Builder) are now $45 each with free shipping within the continental United States. Shipping charges will be removed when the order is manually processed. international orders will be charged a reduced shipping rate also adjusted when the order is manually processed.

The Barbarian Builder figure is now $55 each with free shipping within the continental United States. Shipping charges will be removed when the order is manually processed. international orders will be charged a reduced shipping rate also adjusted when the order is manually processed.

There are still only 10 total sets of each character test shot available for sale (minus those that have already been pre-ordered), and we expect them to sell quickly. Once those ten sets of a character test shot are sold, they’re never going to be sold through Store Horsemen again.

All customers who have already pre-ordered these at the original price will be refunded the difference via Paypal.

Merry freakin Christmas, you Mythic Maniacs!!


Just a quick reminder that in about 3 hours from now – at 3:00pm EST – the Mythic Legions test shot prototype figures will go up for pre-order to Mythic Legions Kickstarter backers only for the first 24 hours, and then to the regular public tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 24th) at 3:00pm EST to the general public if there are any left.

These super limited, unpainted test shot figures will be strictly limited to only 10 pieces being put up for pre-order on Store Horsemen, and we’re having them air-shipped to our studio so we can try to make sure that we have them all shipped out to customers in time for Christmas. Not only will you get these rare, highly collectable early bird items in your hands months before the regular figures are released, but there are also no extra shipping costs within the continental United States (discounted International shipping rates will apply)!

Don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on these very special one time only prototype figures! Once the sale of each of these ten test shot figures is finished, we’ll never put them up for sale on Store Horsemen again. Good luck!



We were just playing around with some of the recent first Mythic Legions paint samples that came in from the factory and we decided to snap off some quick pics just so you can all see what you’re going to be getting.

This factory is doing a PHENOMENAL job on the manufacturing and paints on these and although there are still some minor tweaks to be made here and there (the most immediately glaring of which are the white disc joints in the elbows, knees and wrists which will be cast in the correct color of plastic in the final product), we really couldn’t be happier wight he way these figures are turning out and we absolutely can’t wait to get them into everyone’s hands so they can have as much fun with them as we’ve been having!

Here are some of the pics…



Beginning one week from today (11/23/2015 at 3:00pm EST) for 24 hours for our Mythic Legions Kickstarter backers only, Store Horsemen will have Mythic Legions prototype test shots up for pre-order! If any are left after the first 24 hours of, pre-orders will open up the the general public until all of the samples are gone.

These are the first run, unpainted figures that the factory produces for us in order for us to check out the detailing and articulation on the figures before they go into full production. They’re all cast in a graphite-like gray color. Each figure will come with all of the accessories that the final Mythic Legions figures will come with, except for any possible capes that would normally be included. The figures shown in this press release are just a small example of all of the characters that will be available for pre-order.

Only 10 full Mythic Legion sets have been produced for this limited, one time only pre-order, and we’re putting them up for sale individually (“full sets” not available for this sale) for the diehard Mythic Legions fans. Every Mythic Legions character will be available, but once ten of each character is sold, they’re gone. The best part of all, if all goes as planned, we’ll have these test shots shipped out to you in time for Christmas 2015! You’ll have these SUPER limited edition figures in your hands well before the regular release of the finished action figures. More images, pricing and other details will be posted on in a couple days, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

Again These will all go up for pre-order for Mythic Legions Kickstarter backers ONLY for the first 24 hours of the sale on 11/23/2105 at 3pm EST. If any are left after that first 24 hours, pre-orders will open to the general public the following day – 11/24/2015 at 3pm EST



We just wanted to send out a reminder for those of you who are interested in Eathyron and the other feathered freaks that will be up for pre-order at Store Horsemen beginning tomorrow – Friday, November 6th at 3pm EST.

You can head over to Store Horsemen right now to take a look at all that’s going to be available, and plan your attack right now! Just go to




The original release of our anthropomorphic avians was so incredibly popular that Four Horsemen Studios is doing it again! Next Friday, November 6th at 3pm EST thirteen new Mythic Legions characters will be going up for pre-order at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet, Store Horsemen.

We’re calling these feathered warriors Eathyron’s Dozen and the main character in this wave – Eathyron – will be a deluxe figure that will come with his own set of golden wings, and if all goes as planned, he’ll also be wielding the Heavensbrand sword! Eathyron will retail for $45.00 (plus shipping & handling).

All of the other characters in this wave will each come with their own character specific accessories (wings sold separately), and will retail for $35.00 (plus shipping & handling).

As with all of our other multi-character releases, if you want to pick up all 13 of these amazing action figures, we’re going to give you a discount on the overall price. You’ll be able to pick up Eathyron’s Dozen (including Eathyron himself) as a set for only $440.00 (plus shipping & handling). That’s $25.00 off!

A lot of people have been asking questions about this upcoming pre-order and we think they’re going to like the answers…

Will new wing colors be available for this wave? YES! Possibly some of the original colors as well. Available wing colors to be listed on Store Horsemen soon.

Will the Four Horsemen figure stands be made available again? YES! Those will go up for pre-order on Store Horsemen at the same time as the rest of the items.

Will any characters from the first release be made available again? YES! We’re going to pick the six most popular characters from the original release and make those available for pre-order at the same time as the rest of these figures. The Avian All-Stars will be available both individually for $35.00 each (plus shipping & handling) and as a set of six for $195.00 (plus shipping & handling), and character selection will be revealed on Store Horsemen soon.

Will Eagalus be made available again? YES! Eagalus is by far our most popular release of these guys to date, so he will be up for pre-order along with the rest of these figures, but he will not be part of the six figure Avian All-Stars set.

So you’ve got about a week and a half to prepare for the avian onslaught. Prepare your weapons and armor for the impending battle, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.




DSC02297DSC02306DSC02304 DSC02303 DSC02302 DSC02301DSC02300 DSC02298 DSC02295 DSC02294DSC02292 DSC02289 DSC02287 DSC02286DSC02333 DSC02332 DSC02331 DSC02330 DSC02329


Obviously this isn’t going to be the final packaging for the Mythic Legions figures (right now they’re using the Eagalus card-back), but these pics will at least give you an idea about how far along int0 the process we are, as well as give you an opportunity to see how they’ll look in our special collector friendly blister-card packaging. Also, what you’re seeing here are not the final figures or blister layout, and the images haven’t been color corrected so they’re a little dark from what they look like in person. There are still some tweaks to be made here and there and we’ll get those taken care of before the figures are released. Enjoy!


DSC02328 DSC02327 DSC02325 DSC02324 DSC02323 DSC02322 DSC02320 DSC02319 DSC02318 DSC02317 DSC02316 DSC02315 DSC02314 DSC02313 DSC02312 DSC02311 DSC02310 DSC02309 DSC02308 DSC02307