We’ve been asked numerous times for an exact release date on the Gothitropolis: Ravens action figures, and since we just got the nearly final version of the test shot into the studio, we thought we’d take this chance to address that question and show off some pics of us playing with the new test shot.

We are in the fine tuning process on the steel molds right now, and the next step is approving hand painted samples so that production can officially begin. We have been reluctant to give an exact ship date because we don’t feel that we have enough information to be that specific yet. Each step with the factory is an involved process that can take longer or shorter than we may initially plan for. With that being said, we are hoping for a mid to late June date, but we don’t want to commit to an exact date until the product is done and in transit from the factory. We will continue to give you updates at every step of the way, so that you continue to get a better idea of when they will be complete. As we’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of variables in the toy production process, but the ultimate goal is to make sure that the final product of top quality.

If you want to see more pics of this amazing Gothitropolis: Ravens test shot, check out the “Updates” section of our Gothitropolis: Ravens Kickstarter page.





We’re still cleaning out our warehouse and we’re getting rid of LOTS of sought after Outer Space Men items for a crazy low price! The reasons for these crazy low prices? The packaging is beat to crap, but the figures in the blisters are still in great shape, so if you’re a figure opener this sale is FOR YOU!

There are lots of Outer Space Men characters to choose from and lots of variant colors as well! Price will depend on version purchased, but all sale items will be 50% off their original price.

We have lots more of these left in stock than we did the items for the Seventh Kingdom Scratch & Dent sale, but the prices on these are so low that we expect them to sell fast, so get in there and get yours quickly. If any orders are accidentally placed over the actual amount in stock, those orders will have to be cancelled unfortunately.

Payment will be collected at the time the order is placed or soon after. Sale begins 4/11/2014 at 3pm est



We just wanted to give you all a quick update on the shipping progress of all of the recent items that went up for sale recently. First, we want to thank you all for making that big sale we had recently (Outer Space Men, Power Lords, and Seventh Kingdom Scratch & Dent) such a success. It was MUCH more popular than we were anticipating and that’s part of the reason it’s taking us a little longer than we were hoping to get all of this stuff processed and shipped out.

POWER LORDS – Most of the Power Lords orders have been shipped out to customers, except for a couple of stragglers here and there. All of the rest of those should be wrapped up and shipped out by the end of this week. If you had an order for Power Lords items that was combined with the pre-order for the Outer Space Men items, then your order will be shipping later this week or early next week now that the Outer Space Men are in stock and shipping now.

OUTER SPACE MEN - Many of the Outer Space Men orders have been shipped out to customers, but we’re still in the process of getting those shipped out over the remainder of this week and early next week. Please bear with us on these. All of the rest of those should be wrapped up and shipped out by mid week next week if not sooner (our fingers are crossed to have them all out by the end of this week…).

SEVENTH KINGDOM SCRATCH & DENT - Most of the Seventh Kingdom Scratch & Dent orders have been shipped out to customers, except for a couple of stragglers here and there. All of the rest of those should be wrapped up and shipped out by the end of this week. If you had an order for SKS&D items that was combined with the pre-order for the Outer Space Men items, then your order will be shipping later this week or early next week now that the Outer Space Men are in stock and shipping now.

Thanks once again. Outer Space Men Scratch & Dent Sale coming VERY soon. Keep checking back here and follow us on Facebook for more info on that.

And if you haven’t ordered your Power Lords or Outer Space Men, what’re you waiting for?!? They’re selling fast, so don’t hesitate! Just got to Store Horsemen now to get yours before they’re gone!



We recently had our “Four Horsemen Intern For A Day” event at Four Horsemen studios for those backers who pledged for that level. We had a blast and if we do it again, you should all come too! ;)  For pics and more info on the event, check out our most recent Gothitropolis: Ravens Kickstarter project updates here:  GOTHITROPOLIS: RAVENS KICKSTARTER




We got in packaged samples of the upcoming Power Lords releases and although there are a few minor tweaks here and there to be made, we think these things are looking amazing and we’re really looking forward to hearing your opinions as well. We just sent our responses back and they’re going into full production now, so it won’t be long…

Pictured below are Adam Power, Lord Power, Ggripptogg, Ggrabbtargg and the Ggrapptikk Trooper – all fully painted and in the usual Four Horsemen collector friendly blister card (the figures can be removed from the cards for play, and then replaced back on the cards for packaged display).

The Ggrabbtargg figure is a Power Lords Fan Club exclusive and was only made available to the fans who purchased either the Power Ship level membership or the Volcan Rock level membership. That figure will no longer be available for purchase through Store Horsemen, but the remaining stock after PL Fan Club members allotment have been distributed may at some point be used as promotional give aways or for non-profit charity purposes.

The Ggrapptikk Trooper (also known as the “Ultimate Edition Barlowe Tribute Ggripptogg”), was made available to those who purchased the Volcan Rock level of the Power Lords Fan Club. This figure is not an exclusive item and will be for sale later on through Store Horsemen. This thing’s being referred to as the “Ultimate Edition” for a reason, and you’re seeing those reasons revealed here for the first time. This figure comes with four different variant heads, including one of Ggripptogg done in the style of Wayne Barlowe’s original vision of the character without a reversible head. It also comes with three sets of forearms, one of which is an alternate version of the classics Ggripptogg arms. It comes with both a short loincloth and a long loincloth, and it also comes with both a long and short handle for his weapon. WHEW! That’s a lotta’ toy!




So Jim took classes recently to become a girls lacrosse referee, and this past Friday he modeled his awesome new uniform for us. He almost looks like a freakin super-hero!  :)  Go get ‘em Ref Jim!!




Well, it looks as if all of the headaches, waiting and extra money we had to spend to make these things happen is going to pay off. We just received the first images of the Gothitropolis: Ravens test shots from the factory and we expect to have a couple of them in our hands next week for inspection. But from what we can see from the photos the factory sent to us, these things look amazing. We definitely made the right choice in switching factories. Even though it’s taking a few months longer than we’d planned to get these things to you, the end result is going to be an incredible action figure of the highest quality. Please check out the links below that will take you to our Gothitropolis: Ravens Kickstarter updates section, and let us know what you think.


Pssssttt…. Outer Space Men Scratch & Dent sale coming soon…

Details coming very soon. Check back here at Source Horsemen daily…



Over at the Onell Design blog, it seems that everyone’s favorite Outer Space ManColossus Rex – really crashed the party and wrecked the place. Matt Doughty (owner of Onell Design and creator of the wildly popular Glyos action figure line) will probably be cleaning up for weeks after Colossus Rex’s unannounced visit. CR even took out a powerful Traveler Lymerran Pheyden in the process. We’ve dropped four links below so you can check out all of the cool pics that Matt took during the devastation.

Colossus Rex and many of his other Outer Space Men brethren (including Jack Asteroid, Terra Firma, Ohpromatem, Horroscope and Gamma X) are in stock and shipping NOW at Store Horsemen!






We’ve got a ton of stuff in our warehouse right now and we wanted to give you all a quick update about shipping on all of this stuff.

The currently in stock Power Lords items (Ophidian Squad Elite, Ophidian Squad Soldier, Ggrapptikk Sergeant, Green Ggrapptikk Grunt and the Barlowe Color Concept Ggripptogg) are shipping now and we should have all of the currently ordered items shipped out to customers by the end of next week if not sooner.

The Seventh Kingdom Scratch & Dent Sale items that were ordered are also shipping now and we should have all of those shipped out to customers by the end of next week if not sooner.

The new Infinity Edition Outer Space Men (Terra Firma, Jack Asteroid, Ohpromatem, Horroscope, Gamma X & Colossus Rex) which just arrived earlier this week are beginning to ship, but the bulk of those will be shipping next week and the following week.



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