Another reveal from the upcoming Mythic Legions 1.75 wave (real name of the wave to be revealed soon)! This time it’s another one of the bovine warriors. A guy we’re currently referring to as the Shadow Minotaur! His real name will be revealed just before the pre-order for wave 1.75 goes live through Store Horsemen, but longtime Four Horsemen fans might notice that we did a bit of an homage to those that have come before…




This guy is part of what we’re currently referring to as Mythic Legions 1.75. The Mythic Legions: Templar Knight Legion Builder! This is NOT the Knight Legion Builder set wev’e been talking about lately. That’s upcoming as well. Pics of other characterrs and official names coming soon, as well as the pre-order on Store Horsemen! Please help spread the word!!


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We just got an update from the head of the studio that’s doing the Mythic Legions Art Book for us, Jesse Snider of KRCO. Below is what Jesse had to say, along with some images from the upcoming book! Enjoy, and please feel free to leave feedback!
















So, the Mythic Legions Art Book is running late! But that’s only because of all the KILLER TALENT WE HAVE WORKING ON IT!

Written by Greg Weisman (writer/television producer, co-creator of Disney’s Gargoyles)

IIllustrated by Axel Gimenez (artist on DC’s He-man and the Masters of the Universe & Action Comics: Reign of the Doomsdays)

Mozaics (seen above) by Marcelo Ferreira (IDW’s TMNT & Back to the Future)

Coloring by Robby Bevard (SLG’s Gargoyals)

More importantly, the Four Horsemen have provided us with 10 new character designs, 2 epic castle playset designs, and the secret Mythic Legions creation myth!

Check out the Four Horsemen’s gorgeous design for one the lead characters, Artemyss Silverchord….

Artemyss 4













So, why is it taking so long? A combination of scheduling conflicts, severe sickness and a fanatical devotion to getting it right.

From Weisman to Gimenez to Ferreira and Bevard there is no shortage of enthusiasm on this book. However getting all the materials we needed to do Mythic Legions justice knocked us off schedule from the very beginning of the process and when we finally did get back on track with an outta this world script from Greg, a sever illness took out Axel for almost 2 months!

Axel is a HUGE Mythic Legions fan and won the gig by bombarding us with creepy unsolicited Mythic Legions doodles like this one…














Needless to say, Axel is back on his feet and diving head first into Greg’s phenomenal script! And the whole team at KRCO are full speed ahead on the book’s back up material, working with our amazing cover artist Marcelo Ferreira and colorist Robby Bevard on epic Mythic Legions faction murals!

My only concern when I took this gig was to do justice to the artistry of Four Horsemen Studios. With the help of some amazing talents KRCO is doing exactly that.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far and thank you for your patience as we take this baby home!

Yes, we’re late to the party, but the party won’t really start until you get your hands on the epic MYTHIC LEGIONS ART BOOK!

Sincerely, Jesse Blaze Snider – KRCO

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All of the Kickstarter backed Mythic Legions 1.0 figures have now been packed and prepared for shipment and the final palette of those boxes are being picked up from our warehouse by FedEx today.

Over the next couple of days we’ll be addressing any customer issues such as damaged, missing or incorrectly assembled figures and parts, as well as preparing the packing sheets and shipping slips for all of the Store Horsemen pre-orders. So it looks like the Store Horsemen Mythic Legions 1.0 pre-orders from 2015 should begin shipping before the end of this week, and those will be followed by the Store Horsemen Mythic Legions 1.0 pre-orders from a couple of months ago.

Also, we’ve gotten an update on the production of the Mythic Legions Art Book by the company who’s doing them for us – KRCO –  and we’ll be posting that update later today along with a few new images from the book.

Last, you’re going to start seeing image of the characters from what we’re currently calling the Mythic Legions 1.75 wave (we’ll have the official name of the wave before pics are posted) later today and throughout this week and next. This will all lead up to the pre-order for these Mythic Legions figures beginning just about the time we’ll be wrapping up the shipping of the Store Horsemen Mythic Legions 1.0 pre-orders. Keep an eye out for those and please help spread the word about Mythic Legions. Thanks!



We just wanted to share these with everyone. Mythic Legions Kickstarter backer Nat Wora created these amazing images using Mythic Legions action figures and we thought that everyone might want to check them out. We love all of the wonderful photos of Mythic Legions figures that everyone’s been posting, but this stuff that Nat’s been doing just really captures that feeling and style that we want Mythic Legions to have. Great work, Nat! We absolutely can’t wait to see more!!




Just one of our many interviews from Power Con 2016!


Hey, all! We just wanted to give you a little heads up on what’s going on with the shipping on Mythic Legions 1.0.

Yes, we are still shipping both international and domestic packages to Kickstarter backers, and while you should get a shipping notice and tracking info once the packages ship, it seems like some of our backers aren’t getting those for some reason. We’ve contacted both FedEx and USPS and they said that the issue could be that the shipping emails could be going into the customers spam filter, and if that’s not the issue then they don’t know why some customers are getting the info while others are just having their packages show up at their doors without notice. We’re continuing to try to figure this out, but we only know as much as FedEx and USPS are able to tell us.

We want to apologize that the shipping of these figures is taking MUCH longer than we’d hoped. We understand completely that some of you must be very frustrated seeing other people already with these figures in hand while you’re still awaiting the arrival of yours. We’d hoped to have all of the Kickstarter backed orders shipped out before the end of last week, but that was not to be. “The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry”… We started to pack and ship a large group of the international packages and have come across a big customs snafu that’s causing us to have to take much longer to process those orders than the domestic orders. Therefore it’s slowing down the whole process because we don’t want to seem like we’re playing favorites by shipping out all of the international orders after all of the domestic orders have shipped. We’ve even tried to make it seem even less this time like we’re playing favorites because we’re not shipping by backer number or the amount of the order. After all of the All-In sets and 16 piece sets were shipped to make room to work in the warehouse, all of the other orders being shipped are almost randomly selected.

All of that said, we’ll be shipping the last of the Kickstarter backed international orders out tomorrow (today if we can get them all wrapped up in time for the post office), and we’ve got a little more than 150 of the Kickstarter backed domestic orders left to ship. That means that if we don’t have any more issues with shipping labels or customer addresses, we should be able to have ALL of the Kickstarter backed orders (both domestic and international) shipped out by the end of this week. Please keep your fingers crossed for us. We’ll update again once they’ve all shipped.

That also means that the Store Horsemen pre-orders from spring 2015 should begin shipping next week, and then the Store Horsemen pre-orders from a month or so ago will begin shipping out right after those have all shipped.

Then, right on the heels of all of that stuff getting shipped out, we should have gotten in (or will be getting in soon after) the recent “birds” pre-orders and the Mythic Legions 1.5 pre-orders (minus the Trolls). Those will all begin shipping out to customers as soon as we have them all in stock if all of the Mythic Legions 1.0 stock has shipped by then.

Oh, and by the way, coming VERY soon… the first teaser images of Mythic Legions 1.75!! Keep your eyes peeled and your wallets ready… Pre-orders coming after all of Mythic Legions 1.0 have shipped.