Desk Jockey: Sydot – Sized Up!

Here is another critical step in the figure making process: making sure the scale is correct! Our goal with Sydot was to make him slightly smaller than Adam/Lord Power in his natural stance. He has a lot of mass, so he wont look too small in comparison, but it felt like a good fit for a less physical, more cerebral character. Of course if you stand him up completely straight he will be quite tall, but it was that natural bent leg with the tail on the ground stance that we were most concerned with. One of the great successes of the Power Lords designs is that there is a massive variety in shapes, sizes, colors, and anatomical details. This is something that we’ve always been attracted to in an action figure line, and we want to make sure to play it up as much as possible in our version of the the line. Sydot is a very exciting addition to the mix!


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