Desk Jockey: Sydot – Leg Cleaned Up

These shots show the finished version of Sydot’s leg. On some figures I will focus on nailing down one side of the figure before getting into matching up the second side. That way I can ensure that the articulation and proportions are finalized before trying it a second time. You can also see here that the crotch/hip area is a bit further along. Part of finishing the leg was making sure that there is a good relationship between the thigh and the crotch/hip area. It needed to look good while retaining full movement both front and back. Getting the articulation to look good and work well is a little more challenging on a figure like this because his natural pose has all of the joints in a bent position. Normally a joint would rest at one extreme or the other when sitting in it’s natural stance. For Sydot the resting points for his natural pose are in the middle of the range of articulation as opposed to, say, Adam Power whose knees are locked up straight in his natural pose. This basically means that the open joint will almost always be showing- so it has to look good! Another interesting part of this figure is to make sure that the discs line up with the details from a color standpoint. We don’t want to end up with a white kneepad with a blue disc in the middle of it!


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leg-clean-01 leg-clean-02 leg-clean-03

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