Desk Jockey: Sydot – Painted and Ready for Comic Con!

This is such a gratifying stage of the process for me. Up to this point I’ve been watching the figure come together day by day for a number of weeks. Then it’s off to be painted! This is where the process starts to move. On this figure in particular it took Sherri and Jim about a day to paint it up. Sherri mixed all the colors up to match the original, and then Jim uses a spray gun to lay down all of the base coats. After those base colors are in place Sherri takes the piece back and adds all of the fine airbrushing and tight details. As always we are taking things up to the wire, and the gun will be hand delivered to the show. For me, seeing the finished paintmaster for the first time is the closest thing to a reveal that I get, and it’s’ always one of the highlights of the process. All I can say is awesome! At this point we are all so excited to bring the prototype out to San Diego to share with world!


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