Hands-On with the 2013 Holiday OSM

Hey guys, this is EDcomics from the forums.  I had a chance to swing by the Four Horsemen studios and get my hands on the Ni custom Galactic Holiday Edition Outer Space Men (that’s a heck of a name) figures.  When you get some good light on these suckers, they really shine — literally as well as figuratively. The iridescent effects change dramatically depending on the light and angle of viewing. I’m happy to say they handle well and all the joints move well without any damage to the custom paint. I nearly froze my fingers off taking these photos out in the cold, so I hope you enjoy!

Oh, I forgot to add this earlier. The Galactic Holiday Edition Outer Space Men are available in the shop!

new-osm-02 new-osm-03 new-osm-01

new-osm-05 new-osm-07 new-osm-10

new-osm-11 new-osm-06 new-osm-12

new-osm-09 new-osm-04 new-osm-08

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