Back in January, when I was digging my original Castle Grayskull playset out of the basement, my three year old son saw the castle for the first time and was instantly fascinated. He actually came into the office with me that same morning which was when the digitally output armature first showed up at the studio. At that point it went from fascination to a temporary obsession. When I first saw the size of the armature, knowing the amount of time we had to work on this monster, I knew I was in for some very long days and nights at the office! To keep my son up to date on the castle I decided to take shots of the castle every night when I was wrapping up work. It was really the first time I started using my phone to document projects in progress, and it was actually the beginnings of the idea for the Desk Jockey segment!


Day 1: Here is a great view showing a lot of what the armature looked like. It still blows my mind how much work went into this project! There were several weeks of work put in on the design and armature before we even got into the sculpting. Every single stone was added to the armature one piece at a time- like I said some very long days ahead!


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