Desk Jockey: The Twelve Days of Grayskull – Day 11

Day 11:  There is definitely not as big of a jump in progress today! Here it was mostly cleanup, and getting the base covered and integrated with the wall itself. This was also where the carrying case handle section was started. We felt like we were in the home stretch around this point (at least on the outer shell), but not surprisingly when working on such a huge project we hit a snag. We decided to see what the castle looked like when it was closed for the first time in a while, and we were unpleasantly surprised. From the front view it looked terrible. Things weren’t lining up as well as we’d like and we could see way too much of the inside of the back tower and the handle armature was huge! We literally sawed into a near finished sculpture and started reworking the armature. Luckily things went pretty smoothly, but it just goes to show that projects this big are full of surprises. If you look closely at the armature for the handle section you can see where it was cut up and patched with styrene plastic.


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