Desk Jockey: The Twelve Days of Grayskull – Day 12

Day 12:  At this point the outside of the castle was completely finished. There was a lot left to do on the inside including, the door, all of the interior stonework around the windows and doors, the dungeon, and what seemed like a never-ending list of accessories. The original castle was sitting in my office the whole time this project was going on. This was the day I just happened look over at it, and was not only blown away by how massive this new castle was, but I was taken aback by how amazing it’s been to finally work on this legendary castle that I obsessed over for so many years as a kid and have dreamed about sculpting as an adult. It’s surreal that I’ll be able to share the experience with my own kids so many years later. There have been a lot of ups and downs with Grayskull ever since it was announced, but I hope that everybody out there that gets one of these behemoths will get as much joy out of playing with it as we had making it!


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