We just wrapped up our 4th annual Toypocalypse gallery show this week and we just wanted to take a moment to thank TT Underground Gallery and Toy Tokyo in New York City for hosting us once again and we especially want to thank everyone who helped out with the show and contributed to it’s success. We really enjoy doing silly little things like this and it just wouldn’t be possible without all of you. We also wanted to do a bit of a wrap up here kind of explaining some of the things that were revealed at the show and to discuss some of the ongoing projects that you saw there.



Our plan is to make Mythic Legions a 4 inch scaled line very much like our current Power Lords line of figures. It’s a fantasy/sword & sorcery based action figure line which will feature an amazing amount of articulation and will utilize the incredibly modular, Glyos based “pop & play” interchangeability. The articulation points on the current prototypes include Ball & socket head, ball-joint shoulders, ball-joint elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball-joint hips, swivel thigh cuts, ball-joint knees, ball-joint ankles, and ankle rockers. That’s a pretty hefty level of articulation to fit into such a small and modular figure!

There have been a lot of questions already as to why we’re not doing these figures at 6 inch scale instead of our planned 4 inch scale. There are many advantages to doing this line at a smaller scale…

–  First and foremost it was designed from the beginning to be a 4 inch scaled line and there are engineering issues that we’d want to alter if it were to be turned into a 6 inch line.

–  The price both in production costs and final retail price will be significantly less at the smaller scale, not to mention shipping charges.

–  As fans have seen with both Outer Space Men and Power Lords, the releases of variant figures have been far more frequent than with lines like Seventh Kingdom and Gothitropolis. This will allow fans to quickly build armies of Mythic Legions characters.

–  That brings us to the next reason, the ability to create larger scaled creatures (dragons, ogres, giants, trolls, etc.), beasts & “vehicles”, and playsets. Doing an action figure line like this at a larger scale than 4 inches not only limits that possibility tremendously, but it also severely hinders the possibility of army building and actually creating “legions” of these guys.

–  At the smaller scale the Mythic Legions line will not only be able to benefit from the interchangeability of all of the other Glyos based lines that are currently out there, but the customization possibilities with these things will be endess. At a 6 inch scale you’d lose that Glyos compatibility completely.

–  We’d like for this line to be the first iteration of the FANtastic Exclusive re-launch and with the way the upcoming voting rounds are currently set up, if the figures were done at a 6 inch scale there couldn’t be voting rounds because we’d have to change the articulation points to accommodate the new scale and the interchangeability of parts would be lost.

–  Last, we’re not just doing Mythic Legions. Our plan for these is to do legions of other genres as well. You’ll be able to have full on wars with our own personal takes on themes as varied as military, western, outer space, ancient Greece & Rome, pirates, aliens, ninjas… whatever our little brains can cook up will be coming at you in 4 inch scaled plastic three dimensional goodness. This would be far less possible at a 6 inch scale.

It’s possible that we may launch Mythic Legions as a Kickstarter project as we did with our successful Gothitropolis Ravens campaign, but we want to make sure we get the Ravens out into the hands of fans before that begins. We’re still discussing that, but the tooling patterns are nearly 100% finished and ready to go into production. There are just a few minor details that will need to be wrapped up and hopefully you’ll have hordes of Mythic Legions invading your shelves very soon!




The re-launch of FANtastic Exclusive is being celebrated with the debut of our new action figure property, Mythic Legions! Since Mythic Legions will utilize the extremely popular and inspiring Glyos “pop & play” system of interchangeability, we’re going t do voting rounds to take advantage of that by helping us to create an actual Mythic Legions character from those parts and additional fan-based input. The fully painted Mythic Legions figures that were shown at Toypocalypse 4: FanEXtasy were only possible examples of what can be done with this line and not actual characters (although there seemed to be a few popular ones that may actually become characters). Fans will vote on the following categories and when voting is fnished that character that fans helped to create will go into production and fans will get to hold that figure in their hands.

–  Piece by piece rounds to chose all of the various parts that will make up the figure.

–  Weapons and accessories rounds to pick what sort of armament this character will be wielding.

–  Color selection rounds where fans will help to chose the base color and detail colors for this character.

–  Character traits rounds where the fans will decide whether the character should be anything from lawful good to chaotic evil, or somewhere in between.

–  Name round where we’ll come up with various names for the character after fans have built this guy from the ground up with us and then they’ll pick one to tell us what to call him.

Time to strap on your work boots & apron again. FANtastic Exclusive is back. Nap time’s over. Time for you FANtastic FANatics to get back to work!




As you may have noticed if you attended Toypocalypse 4: FanEXtasy or if you’ve seen any images from the show, we revealed two new Power Lords prototypes – Disguyzor and the Power Soldier Assassin. Neither of the two that were shown at the gallery opening were the final prototypes, but both are very close to finished.

The Power Soldier Assassin will feature Glyos compatibility, newly added articulation when compared to the previous Power Soldiers releases (ball-joint hips, swivel cut thighs, & rocker ankles), new armored parts that will be interchangeable with other releases, and new accessories such as a sword and a weapons holding backpack. No official release date is scheduled for the Power Soldier Assassin yet but he will probably go into production along with the previously revealed Power Lords scientific genius, Sydot the Supreme.

Disguyzor the Deadly Deceiver will utilize the Glyos system not only for his articulation but also for the parts that will be used to extend his legs and mid-section. He’ll feature not only the four original manually rotated faces that he had on the original toy, but we’ve also recently received some newly discovered early concept artwork from Power Lords creator Wayne Barlowe that shows four other distinctly different faces that we’ll be able to use for variant versions or repaints of the character! Disguyzor will be wielding his huge animal jaw club and possibly a second weapon/accessory depending on production costs.

The previously mentioned Sydot the Supreme will be going into production soon, but we don’t currently have a scheduled release date for him. As with all Power Lords figures, he’ll feature Glyos compatibility, but he’ll also be wearing removable armor and will have three different accessories depending on the version of the character – his Stellar Seekers, his laser gun and his electro-shock rifle.

Last, we’re going to be having upcoming sales of some Power Lords figures that were shown recently. The red and blue Power Soldiers variants and Ggripptogg variant figures that were recently revealed on Source Horsemen will be going up for sale at the end of next week and the fully painted, blister carded versions of Ggripptogg, Adam Power and Lord Power are nearly finished with production and will be shipping from the factory so we will be taking pre-orders for those very soon as well. Keep an eye on Source Horsemen for all of the info on dates, times and prices coming very soon.




The upcoming fully painted & blister carded versions of the Outer Space MenColossus Rex, Gamma X, Terra Firma, Jack Asteroid, Ohpromatem, and Horroscope – have wrapped up the final production stages and are shipping to us from the factory right now! Now that those are on their way to our warehouse, we’ll begin taking pre-orders for them very soon. Keep an eye on Source Horsemen for all of the info on dates, times and prices coming very soon.




Last, there was one thing that was revealed at Toypocalypse 4: FanEXtasy that was so small that it might’ve gotten overlooked, even though we consider it to be incredibly important and we think that action figure fans will feel the same. For a long time there has been a need for action figure bases that are somewhat universal, but nothing has really existed that worked all that well on multiple scales. Hopper Blocks are that solution. Not only are they small enough for various 4 inch scaled figures, but they’re Glyos compatible so you’ll be able to stack and lay out the Hopper Blocks in multiple configurations to accommodate 6 inch figures as well! We’re still in the very early stages of production pricing on our Hopper Blocks, but it looks as if we’ll be selling them in multi-packs so you’ll be able to customize your figure’s base environment in any way you’d like.1s 5s

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