We got the new Power Lords figures into the warehouse last week and we’re in the middle of going through the shipment now and getting ready to begin shipping. Many are still up for pre-order at Store Horsemen now! Almost all of the Power Lords Fan Club items have arrived, and we’re really just waiting to get the original Power Lords creator – Wayne Barlowe – in here this coming Saturday to do his signatures on all of the signed fan club items, and then all of the Power Lords Fan Club¬†membership orders will begin shipping out. Once all of the Power Lords Fan Club members orders are shipped, all of the other orders will begin to ship. Just as a taste of what’s coming, here’s an image of the Power Lords t-shirts (modeled by our very own Shane “Dittstroyer” Dittsworth) that came with the memberships. If there’s enough demand for these, we can order more and make them available to the public and we may even make more t-shirts featuring other Power Lords characters!


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