Tonight (or tomorrow, depending on whether you’re a night owl or not…) Mythic Legions: Covenant of Shadow goes up for pre-order on Store Horsemen! The pre-order is going to begin earlier than we’d originally planned because we’ll be at the San Diego Comic Con at the time we’d originally planned to put it up live, and we’re just afraid that their screwy wifi will mess with our launch. It’s a pre-order so you don’t have to rush right in there and get yours right at the launch time of Tuesday at 12:01am EST, but if you do, you might just have the bragging rights of being able to scream out your bedroom wind at all of your neighbors, “FIRST!!!!”

Buuuuuuut, not only is Mythic Legions: Covenant of Shadow going up for pre-order tonight at just after midnight, but we’re also launching Store Horsemen pre-orders for the Mythic Legions 1.0 All-Stars wave and since the production of the Mythic Legions Deluxe Trolls is moving along slower than expected, we’re putting those two big oafs back up for pre-order as well, and are adding those new pre-orders to the overall production run.

The Mythic Legions All-Stars consists of a half dozen of the most popular Mythic Legions characters from wave 1.0, and if this pre-order does well, there’s a pretty good possibility that we’ll do more of those 1.0 characters as part of future Mythic Legions All-Stars waves. Pop over to the Source Horsemen forums and let us know which Mythic Legions characters you’d like to see in future All-Stars waves!

So go chug a strong pot of coffee, put on some loud obnoxious music, and pop some toothpicks up under those eyelids to keep you awake until the Store Horsemen pre-order starts in a couple hours. The night is young and the party’s just getting started!



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