For those who are wondering, listed here are all of the figures that will currently be coming with variant heads in the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay wave. There may or may not be other alternate heads dropped in during the production of this wave, but at this point, this is what’s coming.

We’ll be posting a list of all of the current accessories they’ll be coming with later today.


– Elf Legion Builder: Dark skin / Light skin / Closed-face helm

– Steel Knight Legion Builder: Jousting helm / Sallet helm

– Iron Knight Legion Builder: Sallet helm / Jousting

– B’alam: Jaguar head / Bucket helm

– Vampire Knight: Helmeted / Helmetless

– Shadow Elf Warrior: Open-face helm / Closed-face helm

– Gadriel: Helmetless / Helmeted

– Deluxe Knight Builder Set 2: Jousing helm / Sallet helm / Bucket helm / Armet helm

– Cavern Dwarf Legion Builder: Bearded / No beard

– Barbarian Warrior Builder: Half Helm / Full helm

– Goblin Legion Builder: Helmeted / Heltmetless

– Knubnick: Helmeted / Helmetless

– Elf Ranger: Hooded / No hood

– Skeleton Soldier Builder: Helmeted / Helmetless

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