As many of you know, the Backerkit for the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay Kickstarter campaign was supposed to end and be locked down today, but we’ve still got about 150 backers who still haven’t answered and finalized their Backerkit surveys. All of those backers have been emailed directly and the survey completions are starting to trickle in, so we’re going to leave the Backerkit open until 11:59pm tomorrow night, 4-11-2017. If you haven’t yet finalized your Backerkit survey, please do so before tomorrow night’s deadline so we’ll know which figures you’d like to have added to your initial pledge, and so that we’ll know where to send those items when we get them in stock in April 2018 (hopefully). Those of you who have already answered your Backerkit surveys also still have until tomorrow night’s cutoff to go in and alter your items as well. We need to lock down and finalize the Backerkit ASAP so that we can give our factory our initial production numbers.
Also, we realized that we’ve neglected revealing the last two of the alternate heads for a couple of the Mythic Legions characters. So here they are – the Vampire Legion Builder and the Vampire Knight! Enjoy!

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