Mythic Legions: Book 1” by Greg Weisman and Four Horsemen Studios is already on its way to half of the Mythic Legions 1.0 Kickstarter backers, and the rest will be shipping out in today and tomorrow’s mail!

Each and every one of you will soon be rewarded for your patience with a copy of “Mythic Legions: Book 1”, one set of six uncut, collectible Mythic Legions trading cards, one heroic Mythic Legions mini print and a BONUS Mythic Legions poster!

There are six different sets of trading card mosaics drawn by Marcelo Ferreira that you may possibly receive. If you ordered more than one copy of the book we will make sure you don’t get the same card set twice. There are only 100 uncut sheets produced for each set and they are all numbered 1-100.

Domestic backers should receive their package within the next week or so, if they haven’t already. We begin shipping international orders today, and that will obviously take a little longer depending on where you are.

We thank you for all of your patience with our many production delays and ask anyone who has any trouble with their order to please reach out to me directly at This is KRCO’s first time going to print and shipping a book and collectibles we produced ourselves and we couldn’t be more excited to finally get them all out to you!

We want to thank Four Horsemen Studios for inviting us to be a part of their epic achievement and Greg Weisman for creating a fun and exciting story that will fit seamlessly within the Mythic Legions storyline. We also want to thank all our artists, Danny Cruz, Nate Baertsch, Marcelo Ferreira, Axel Gimenez, Robby Bevard, Andrew Dalhouse and Andworld Design for their mythic contributions to this, our first book. We truly hope you all enjoy it, plus the cards, print and poster as much as we loved putting them all together for you!

To the future of Mythic Legions!

Jesse Blaze Snider
KRCO Chief

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