We just got this message in from KRCO – the company making the Mythic Legions Art Book – and they wanted us to share it with all of you!



Hey guys!

I just wanted to stop by and spread some GREAT NEWS!

We’re going back to print on the MYTHIC LEGIONS 36 CARD DECKS! All of these cards will now be reformatted, individually cut, and will each include a character or faction bio on the back of the card, and a FULL SET of these will be going out to EACH and EVERY PERSON who pledged for or pre-ordered the Mythic Legions Art Book set which included the trading cards! Pictured below are a couple of examples of what the new trading cards will look like on the front and the back.

The remaining international orders to  left to be shipped out will be coming with this new full set packed inside (along with your original uncut sheet of cards) your order, and the rest of you will receive them in a separate mailer just as soon as we get everything sorted and ready to ship.

Please be patient, because it’ll take us a few weeks to get these together and get them ready to ship, but they ARE coming.

We felt bad that some of the loyal and passionate Mythic Legions fans felt letdown after all this time and we wanted to hopefully set it all straight with you. We’re hoping these cards will be a bit more of what you may have been expecting in the first place.

Thank you to Four Horsemen Studios – Jim, Eric & Cornboy for helping us get it all figured out, and for putting the extra time and effort in to help make this happen.

For those of you who missed out on the pre-order for the Mythic Legions Art Book set that included the trading cards, the Mythic Legions Art Book alone is available for pre-order on Store Horsemen right now, and the full set of 36 Mythic Legions trading cards will be available for sale in the very near future as well.

We hope our US backers and customers are enjoying the Mythic Legions Art Book as much as we enjoyed creating it, and our international customers and backers will be enjoying it as well, very soon!

Jesse Snider – KRCO

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