We just wanted to let you all in on where we’re currently at with Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay. The factory who’s making our tooling for us have sent us the “fine cuts”, and here’s a pic of most of the stuff laid out on our table for inspection. These are the hard ceramic & plastic copies that are made from our urethane tooling patterns which very soon will be used as a guide to cut the steel molds for production.

After going over everything with a fine toothed comb the last couple of days, although there are some tweaks here and there that’ll need to be made, we have to say that we’re extremely happy with the way everything’S looking so far, and we’re incredibly happy with the progress.

Now to pack all of this stuff back up safely, and ship it all back over to our factory so they can start ripping into the steel molds and moving forward with production!


Oh, and for you eagle eyed viewers out there, yes, there are a couple of sneak peek heads mixed into this grainy image. 🙂

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