Having been the only combatant to ever use his feared abilities of dark sorcery along with his own physical might while battling in the arena, his name still echoes as if hissed by a mountain of snakes from deep within the tunnels of the Mercurian Coliseum. Keltuss!

Mythic Legions: Coliseum – pre-orders begin July 19th, 2017 on Store Horsemen. More details coming soon.

Keltuss will not only be available for pre-order along with the rest of the Mythic Legions: Coliseum wave, but he and Adamonn will also be in stock and up for sale in very limited amounts at Power-Con 2017 (Sept. 9 & 10). No pre-orders allowed for the Power-Con sales – in show sales only. Details about that sale coming soon.

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