Four Horsemen Studios - Mythic Legions

Four Horsemen Studios - Mythic Legions

Mythic Legions: Poxxus

The latest wave of Mythic Legions has been revealed, and the third Horseman has been unleashed.

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Coming Soon - the First Mythic Legions Head Pack

Coming Soon - the First Mythic Legions Head Pack

Exciting news on a long requested product, and a surprise announcement on one of the included heads!

Published on 11.18.21
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LegionsCon 2021 Exclusive “Sir Girard” Figure Revealed

LegionsCon 2021 Exclusive “Sir Girard” Figure Revealed

Details on this year's LegionsCon exclusive figure, plus information on a wider release edition of this Sons of the Red Star character.

Published on 10.28.21
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Behind the Scenes: Recapping Mythic Weekend 2021

Behind the Scenes: Recapping Mythic Weekend 2021

Whether you were there in person of following the fun from home, this article will get you a look at all the fun of November 10th to 14th, 2021!

Published on 11.23.21
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Blast from the Past: A Look at Past G-cons

Blast from the Past: A Look at Past G-cons

A look back at the past 3 G-con events, as a look forward at this year's epic broadcast!

Published on 11.09.21
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G-con: 2021 - Poxxus

The Mythic Legions: Poxxus wave is revealed as Four Horsemen Studios heads back to the studio for the first in-studio event in over 2 years! Join the Horsemen and many friends (plus some rowdy Interns) as the latest wave of Mythic Legions is unleashed!

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Upcoming Event

LegionsCon 2021 / ToyConNJ
LegionsCon 2021 / ToyConNJ
November 13-14, 2021

Part of an epic "Mythic Weekend", Four Horsemen Studios will once again be at ToyConNJ in Wayne, NJ - plus the epic LegionsCon 2021 event brings together the amazing Legions community for the biggest Legions event to date!

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LegionsCast: Chapter 27
LegionsCast: Chapter 27

Steve and Jeremy (LBC) Girard present Legions news and commentary! Get yourself caught up on current events before the guys pick their top three figures they would like to see updated.

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Release Status

  • Illythia - Injection
  • War of the Aetherblade - Public Kickstarter closed. Backerkit emails have been sent,
  • All-Stars 4 - Shipping now!
  • Deluxe Legion Builders 1 - Tooling Finished
  • Mythic Legions: Legion Builder Reinforcements - Coming...
  • Cosmic Legions - Pre-order is now closed.
  • Poxxus - Pre-order open now!

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Welcome to the Realm of Mythoss

Mythic Legions is a breathtaking fantasy world created by the award-winning Four Horsemen Studios. The Mythic Legions action figure line consists of an endless variety of characters ranging from heroic knights, dwarves, and elves to evil orcs, goblins, trolls, and skeleton soldiers. Interchangable parts and accessories give fans the chance to create their own characters or to customize their figures to establish completely new denizens of the Realm of Mythoss. All Mythic Legions figures are exquisitely detailed and highly articulated, allowing collectors the opportunity to build the legion of warriors that they have long dreamed of. Mythic Legions brings limitless possibilties to the world of fantasy action figures.

Journey into the Realm of Mythoss and learn more about the Mythic Legions property and toys.

Cosmic Legions Breaks Free

Transmission Received: The new science-fiction themed line from Four Horsemen Studios, Cosmic Legions, made its long awaited debut on 9/10/21 with a live reveal special followed by a preorder of the inaugural wave of these new figures. The world of Cosmerrium has just started to be revealed. There is so much more left to discover!

Explore the universe of Cosmic Legions.