Since the end of our Kickstarter campaign and Store Horsemen pre-order for Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay, fans of Mythic Legions both old and new have been asking us to do a second pre-order. Well, that time is almost here…

Beginning Friday, March 23rd at 3pm EST US, the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay wave (minus the Kickstarter exclusive Sword Horsemen) will go back up for pre-order at, and will end on April 25th at 3pm EST US.

All 43 characters from the wave will be available, as well as Legion Builder sets of six, an All-In set, restructured bird wings specifically created to fit Mythic Legions, and the various Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay weapons packs!

The figures from this pre-order won’t be shipping at the same time that the previously pre-ordered Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay are being shipped. We don’t have a specific timeline yet, but we’re hoping these will arrive in the Store Horsemen warehouse sometime in Fall/Winter 2018. We’ll post a more specific timeline once we have that info.

So, if you missed out on the Kickstarter or the Store Horsemen pre-order for this wave, prepare yourself… The Advent of Decay is returning…

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