As you might have read in recent press releases, we’ve been trying to work things out with the factory to try to get some of the Hagnon figures from the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay figure to glow green while retaining the original translucent white/clear look, and others to glow blue. While the green glow looks fantastic, we haven’t quite gotten the blue glow to meet our expectations just yet, and we don’t want this issue to hold up the production time of the Advent of Decay wave any more than it’s already been held up by other issues. Because of this, all of the Hagnon figures in the Advent of Decay waves (both the pledges/pre-orders from last year and the current pre-orders) will glow green while still retaining that ghostly white/clear look when not glowing, and IF we do manage to get the blue to glow to a level that we’re happy with, we’ll release that version of Hagnon somewhere else down the road.

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