Tonight (Thursday, August 16th) at 9pm EST an extremely limited amount of Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay test shots are going to be going up for sale exclusively on These incredibly rare pre-production figures will come poly-bagged and fully accessorized.

There are only ten pieces of each character available, so yes, it’s going to be a brutal battle to get the ones that you want, and we expect them to sell out extremely fast. BUT, we’ve gotten together with our online retail partner and they’ve not only installed a new program that will (hopefully) keep you from getting cart-jacked as you’re shopping, but we also have this sale set up so that you’ll only be able to purchase one of each character (in other words, you can purchase the whole wave if you’re fast enough, but you’ll only be able to get one Knubnik, one Artemyss, one Boarrior, etc. in that wave – not multiples of each character). This gives the greatest number of Mythic Legions fans the chance to get at least one of these highly sought after test shots before they’re sold out.

As we mentioned before, these will be a little higher priced than your normal Mythic Legions figure because of various factors. The regular figures and Legions Builder figures will all be priced at $50.00 each (plus shipping). Artemyss Silverchord and Gadriel will be priced at $55.00 each (plus shipping). The Deluxe Knight Builder 2 set will be $60.00 each (plus shipping).

Please be aware that these are pre-production test shots, and NOT the final product, so they may contain various flaws and production issues.

We’ll see you over at at 9pm, and good luck!!

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