As many of you may already know, the pre-order currently happening on StoreHorsemen.comMythic Legions: Soul Spiller – is scheduled to end tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, and the response to this wave has been overwhelmingly positive, so we want to thank all of you Mythic Legions fans for that.

 As has happened in the past, we’ve had MANY requests from Mythic Legions fans to extend the pre-order until Friday, Saturday or even Monday, and we’ve decided to honor those requests since a few extra days extension on our end isn’t going to delay the production schedule by any significant amount. In the future we’ll probably plan to have all of our pre-orders end on Monday for just this reason.

 So, just to be clear, the pre-order for Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller will now end on Monday, Sept. 17th at 3pm EST.

 As for the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay Kickstarter/Backerkit/StoreHorsemen pre-orders, our current date of arrival of that wave to the US ports on the east coast is Sept. 19th. Because of the hurricane currently bearing down on the east coast, there may be a slight delay on that. Our fingers are crossed that there isn’t any further delay, but more important than that, we hope everyone who lives in the areas that are about to be affected by that massive storm all remain safe. We’ll post an announcement when we have any further information about the arrival of that wave.


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