Four Horsemen Studios - Mythic Legions

Four Horsemen Studios - Mythic Legions

The Siege at Bjorngar and Wasteland In Stock Sale is Live Now!

A number of Mythic Legions figures are now "In Stock" and available for sale directly from

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In Stock Sale Announcement

In Stock Sale Announcement


Published on 05.18.20
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Announcing Our Partnership with Trevor Williams / One:Six Shooter

Announcing Our Partnership with Trevor Williams / One:Six Shooter

We have long been fans of Trevor’s incredible photography, and when we saw him begin shooting Mythic Legions figures, we knew that we needed to partner with him to bring some of those stunning images to our website and our products.

Published on 05.15.20
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Blast From the Past: Queen Alluxandra

Blast From the Past: Queen Alluxandra

Released in 2009, Queen Alluxandra and her Council were the third series of figures our studio released from the Seventh Kingdom property.

Published on 05.22.20
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Horsemen for Hire: Rampage “Big City Brawl” Monsters

Horsemen for Hire: Rampage “Big City Brawl” Monsters

A look at the work we did for the large beasts from Lanard's "Rampage" line of toys, and how some fans have used these monsters in their Mythic Legions collections!

Published on 05.19.20
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Pixel Dan / Four Horsemen Interview May 2020 - Mythic Legions Talk with Cornboy

Pixel Dan is joined by Four Horsemen Studios' Cornboy as they talk about the upcoming Mythic Legions "In Stock" sale as well as some some exciting future plans for the line!

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LegionsCast: Chapter 10

Listen to Travis and Steve be entertained by the famous artisan Jeremy Girard as he tells stories of Mythoss. You wont want to miss the tales of a craftsman such as this, so grab your warmest tunic and find your place at the campfire

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ToyConNJ Spring Edition
ToyConNJ 2020 Spring Edition
August 27-30

More details to be added about how Four Horsemen Studios may participate in this event

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Welcome to the Realm of Mythoss

Mythic Legions is a breathtaking fantasy world created by the award-winning Four Horsemen Studios. The Mythic Legions action figure line consists of an endless variety of characters ranging from heroic knights, dwarves, and elves to evil orcs, goblins, trolls, and skeleton soliders. Interchangable parts and accessories give fans the chance to create their own characters or to customize their figures to establish completely new denizens of the Realm of Mythoss. All Mythic Legions figures are exquisitely detailed and highly articulated, allowing collectors the opportunity to build the legion of warriors that they have long dreamed of. Mythic Legions brings limitless possibilties to the world of fantasy action figures.

Journey into the Realm of Mythoss and learn more about the Mythic Legions property and toys.

What Other Legions Are On The Horizon?

Mythic Legions is only one of the exciting properies being developed at Four Horsemen Studios. New Legions are coming soon from strange galaxies and distant worlds, adding brand new stories and characters to your action figure collection!

Learn more about some of the other Toy Legions coming soon(ish).