We FINALLY got some time to sit down and go over all of the Christmas cards that we’re sent to us, and we have to first and foremost, say THANK YOU to all of you who entered the contest to win a free Mythic Legions: Valgard figure. We really were overwhelmed by all of the incredibly imaginative and creative cards that were sent to us, and it was really tough to only choose a few. We’re thinking that if we do this again, we’ll set up a few categories to make things a bit easier.

To those of you whose cards weren’t chosen – it isn’t because they weren’t good or well done. There were just so many cards that came in that we could only pick a few, and we’d encourage you to try again the next time we do something like this.

And without further delay, here are the six winners of the very first Four Horsemen Christmas Cards Contest! Congratulations!!

First, a very Christmasy King No’glin appearing on the front of a card sent to us by 9 year old Turey Echevarria, one of the youngest entrants into the contest!

Next up is a hilarious Mythic Christmas Orc/Goblin family photo submitted to us by David Valadez! We still laugh every time we look at this card.

This next entry from Vernon Gibbs is a tremendous Mythic Legions inspired 12 Days of ChristMYTH book. Here’s just two of the awesome pages he created!

Trevor Williams is an amazing and accomplished action figure photographer, and this fantastic image of three spirited Mythic Legions characters warmed our hearts.

Mat O’Toole created this beautiful penciled rendition of a Dwarf Christmas party, complete with huge steins of mead and a sneaky little Snagg making off with some holiday treasure.

And last, but certainly not least, Brent Hill created this amazing pop-up Mythic Legions card featuring some of characters that would probably beat each other up pretty badly being such close proximity to each other.

Congratulations to our six contest winners – your Mythic Legions: Sir Valguard figures will be going out to you very soon – and THANK YOU once again to everyone who participated! You all definitely made our holidays a bit brighter!


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