You’ve all been waiting patiently for the next Mythic Legions in-stock sale on Store Horsemen and the time is almost here, but there have been a couple changes to the way we’d originally planned to handle the sale…

We’d originally planned to offer the Mythic Legions: All-Stars 2.0 in-sale first, then the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay in-stock sale soon afterward, and finally, a few weeks or so later, we were going to put the Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller in-stock items up for sale. Because of certain shipping & warehouse logistics that will soon be changing (news on that soon), we need to sell all of this stock as soon as we can.

So, as we’re sure you’ve already guessed, the Mythic Legions in-stock sale which will begin on Wednesday, July 17th at 9pm Eastern Standard Time will now include all three waves of figures – All-Stars 2.0, Advent of Decay, AND Soul Spiller!

As always, the money for this sale will be collected at the time of purchase or very soon thereafter, and combining of multiple orders won’t be allowed.

In order to keep things fair to all customers and fans, all purchases in the first hour of this Mythic Legions in-stock sale will be STRICTLY limited to no more than two of each character per each order placed. If we see that an order contains more than two of any one character it will be subject to being canceled without notification to the customer. PLEASE keep this in mind when placing your order within the first hour.

Be sure to check back here for more updates, including pricing, as we get closer to the Mythic Legions in-stock sale. Or if you’d like to have all of this news and info delivered directly to your email inbox, just scroll tot he bottom of the front page of and sign up for our newsletter – Four Horsemail!

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