Action figure “test shots” are when the factory producing the figures runs plastic through the steel molds for the first time and then they send these unpainted “test shots” to us so we can inspect the molding quality and the articulation. From there we either make adjustments, or tell the factory manager to move forward with production. Normally VERY few of these “test shots” are sent out to companies, but since some people are very interested in owning them, we order extra when that part of the process begins. When we have extra Mythic Legions test shots that we have no real use for we make them available to fans and customers…

Get ready for the Mythic Legions: Siege at Bjorngar test shot sale beginning on Wednesday, September 18th at 9pm EST on!!

We do expect these “test shots” to sell out quickly, so be sure to get your order in as early as possible. Because of the fact that these are an EXTREMELY limited supply of Mythic Legions: Siege at Bjorngar test shots, we can’t offer replacements or refunds for any figures purchased that have loose joints, missing armor or accessories, or extra fragile accessories, so please keep that in mind when placing an order. These test shots will only be sold individually and not as sets. Also, because of the extra cost for a limited run of these pieces, the rarity of the pieces, and the fact that we have to pay extra to have these pieces air shipped over to us from the factory, expect these to be a bit more expensive than the normal Mythic Legions action figure. Last, these are in-stock items and MUST be purchased separately from the existing Mythic Legions: Arethyr pre-order. Any orders for the Mythic Legions: Siege at Bjorngar test shots that are combined with a Mythic Legions: Arethyr pre-order will be cancelled without notification.


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