Feathered Wings Proportions Test

eagle wings 02 - med

This week at Four Horsemen Studios, we discussed various details regarding the next stretch goal on the Raven Kickstarter campaign — the feathered wings. A lot of people have asked if the wings will be compatible with the Gothitropolis Scarabus figure. The answer right now is that it’s still being investigated. It’s not entirely clear if the Raven wings will fit Scarabus, but it remains a possibility. There’s a lot of measuring going on, and the final answer should present itself soon.

Today, we tested out a pair of articulated wings on the Screaming Eagle prototype. They seem to be a good fit. The next step is actually sculpting and detailing the wings for the Raven and its variants. Fans have also wondered if the wings will be available in colors other than ┬áblack through the Kickstarter campaign. That’s a possibility that’s being discussed. As with the compatibility with Scarabus, the answer should be coming soon. More concrete info will be available next week, so be sure to check back.

To see the wings spread-eagle, click here to visit the topic in our forum!

UPDATE: New photos of Shane working on the wings. Click here!

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