Raven Kickstarter Ends Tonight @ 11:14 pm EST

RKSJust a quick note to all those who are waiting until the last minute to add their pledge. The last minute is 11:14 pm EST — not midnight!


5 comments to Raven Kickstarter Ends Tonight @ 11:14 pm EST

  • Lukas

    Is there any way to buy or order the figures right now other than kickstarter? I only started using it tonight but it is already over.

  • Sqyrel

    I find myself here from Reddit.com, desiring that Screaming Eagle Figure! The kickstarter is already closed, will there be an opportunity to purchase said figure at a later date?!

  • Phillip Patterson

    OMG!!!!!! Am I really too late to get in on your kickstarter? I wanted to do the all in for your Gothitropolis line. Please any way I can still do this or preorder the entire line plus the other goodies would be soooo appreciated.

  • Amos Ortega

    Me, like the other 3 guys, wants the entire line, but just knew about kickstarter and the whole thing. I just hope the exclusive item for kickstarter is the american flag cape.

    Will there be a way to get the ALL IN add on in the future? Thank you.

  • Avolow

    Man, I didn’t even know about any of these figures till it was to late. I really need to know how I can get the Screaming Eagle! 🙂 Please tell me there will be a way to get this figure.

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