Seeing Red…






Clear red test shots arrived at Four Horsemen Studios this week. These guys are pretty sturdy and a lot of fun to play with. The joints hold up pretty nicely with all the added weight of additional appendages and whatnot. There’s definitely a lot of playability whether you want to pose them or mix and match parts.

Tomorrow we’ll try to get some shots of the human characters, as well as some mix-and-match with some Outer Space Men figures. That should be fun, so be sure to check back!

Also, hit us up in the comment section below or visit the forum to let us know what kind of content you’d like to see on the site/blog as we move forward. Thanks!

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  • Mindless-Focus

    This is, I think, what we like to see. Among the other things is WIPS, Sculpts, Product, and Information. Really, kinda the Glyos blog model. I’d like to see a return to the sculptor’s corner. Would love to see the subsequent steps to the Sydot sculpt. Maybe info on tentative release of product and break downs. Sneak peaks and teases of new color ways. Maybe polls to get some interaction. Kind of like “Who is your favorite Power Lord?” “What is your favorite Colorway?” Stuff like that. Also, this post on the site wouldn’t hurt. Really, I’d like to see the Glyos Blog format here. Hope this helps! Just some ideas I came up with. Hope to see and read everyone’s opinions on the forum! (Insert thumbs up smilie here)

  • Mindless-Focus

    That’s also an awesome color red. Love to see that as an exclusive. Painted details like a normal “infinity” release but skin tone left this color. Would be sweet.

  • Clambo

    Well, first things first. How can I purchase one of those beautiful red test shot buggers to party with my test shot Power Soldier? Pleeeeaaaasssssseeee…

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  • Clambo

    Man, every time I look at these, I’m just like “Daamnn! That red pops!”. They look great. I can’t wait to roll these into the collection.

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