Four Horsemen Studios - Mythic Legions

Four Horsemen Studios - Mythic Legions

Are Your Legions Ready for Battle?

How many legions do you have in your army? Which noble warriors or evil opponents are you still hunting down? Use the complete Mythic Legions checklist to get your forces in order!

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Impractical Legions!

Impractical Legions!

That's right - the the hilarious "Impractical Jokers" show filmed right here at Four Horsemen Studios!!

Published on 04.15.21
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Details on the In-Stock sale for Mythic Legions: All-Stars 3, plus our new WEEKLY sales on StoreHorsemen!

Published on 03.16.21
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Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Chris Gawrych

Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Chris Gawrych

A fun and revealing interview with the "big bird" of Four Horsemen Studios, the wild and wacky Chris Gawrych!

Published on 04.13.21
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Horsemen for Hire: Conan ULTIMATES! from Super7

Horsemen for Hire: Conan ULTIMATES! from Super7

Looking at the first three waves, plus a comic version, of the iconic barbarian warrior - Conan!

Published on 04.06.21
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Mythic Legions: All-Stars 4 Pre-Order!

Check out this awesome video by Alberto Arribas to get psyched up the Mythic Legions: All-Stars 4 figures!

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LegionsCast: Chapter 21
LegionsCast: Chapter 21

Tales of All Stars 4 are told while our heroes look to the future of Mythoss. Also legends of Sir Owain and the evil Tibius are retold.

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Upcoming Event

Power-Con 2021
Power-Con 2021
September 11-12, 2021

More details to be added.

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Release Status

  • Arethyr - Shipping to the warehouse
  • 20th Anniversary Bundle - Shipping to the warehouse
  • Shadow Equaddron - Shipping to the warehouse
  • Illythia - Pre-order is now closed
  • War of the Aetherblade - Private crowdfunding campaign is now finished.
  • All-Stars 4 - Pre-order is now closed.

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Welcome to the Realm of Mythoss

Mythic Legions is a breathtaking fantasy world created by the award-winning Four Horsemen Studios. The Mythic Legions action figure line consists of an endless variety of characters ranging from heroic knights, dwarves, and elves to evil orcs, goblins, trolls, and skeleton soldiers. Interchangable parts and accessories give fans the chance to create their own characters or to customize their figures to establish completely new denizens of the Realm of Mythoss. All Mythic Legions figures are exquisitely detailed and highly articulated, allowing collectors the opportunity to build the legion of warriors that they have long dreamed of. Mythic Legions brings limitless possibilties to the world of fantasy action figures.

Journey into the Realm of Mythoss and learn more about the Mythic Legions property and toys.

Exploring the world of Cosmic Legions

Expect more transmissions on Cosmic Legions soon. For now, explore some of the early teaser reveals discovered at LegionsCon 2020!

Get an early peek at Cosmic Legions.