POWER SOLDIERSThe Power Lords: Power Soldiers and Power Lords: Elite Power Soldiers that we had allotted for sale at Power Con this past weekend blew out in under 40 minutes on the first day of the show!! We truly didn’t expect them to do that well. There were 125 of each available and the line of people waiting to get them stretched from our table to the back of the convention hall, and unfortunately they were gone before many were able to purchase them.

Well today is their chance, and yours to get you hands on these super limited little fellas! Today at 5:00pm (eastern standard time) on Store Horsemen, the final 125 pieces of each of these black & white beauties will go up for pre-order at a crazy low price of $10.00 each (plus shipping & handling)!

We’re limiting these to 5 of each per customer to make sure that everyone gets a chance at getting them. Sales will be done on a “first come, first served” basis and if orders are accidentally taken over the allotted amount of figures available, then those orders will unfortunately have to be cancelled. Be sure to get there early and place your order so you don’t miss out on these!

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