Desk Jockey : Sydot – Day 1 Part 1

Hi Everyone, it’s time to get our “Desk Jockey” feature back up and running, and into full swing. We put up a sneak peek episode back in July, but then left you hanging. We are back now, and ready to post these up rapid fire! I’ve written up fifteen additional segments chronicling the sculpting of the Sydot figure from start to finish. So, in case anybody missed it, we are starting off with a re-post of the first segment from July.

Check back Monday for Day 1 Part 2!

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Desk Jockey :1 Sydot- Day 1 part 1 (SDCC sneak peek)

Hey everybody, it’s Eric here from Four Horsemen Studios. This is the first installment of a new feature that we will be putting up on the site called Desk Jockey. In these features I will be taking progress shots of figures that I’m working on right from my desk, and adding some commentary to give you some insight into the thought process behind these figures.

Our first round of images is a very early sneak peek at a figure that we will be debuting at San Diego Comic con. These images were taken within the first hour of work, and it shows the basic stick figure form that I start with on a new figure. This is where I really spend a lot of time doing the basic measurements and checking and re-checking the proportions against the control art. (If there is any!) Although this stage is only minutes into the process and it doesn’t look like much, this is a “make or break” stage of the process. If something goes wrong here it could come back to haunt me later in the process!

We are not revealing who this is just yet, but I’m sure many of you can already figure it out!


IMG_1401 IMG_1399 IMG_1400

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