The Outer Space Men


They’re here! From the farthest reaches of the galaxy come… The Outer Space Men!

It was in Nineteen Sixty-Eight that The Outer Space Men first landed here on Earth where they enjoyed a legendary stay on toy shelves across the globe. When their extraordinary visit was over, they turned their sights back to the stars above to live on in people’s hearts and minds. Now, forty-two years later, The Outer Space Men have returned to reveal themselves to a brand new generation of fans and to reignite the imaginations of those who witnessed their first landing.


Four Horsemen Studios is proud to bring to you this brand new line of Outer Space Men action figures. Each figure is authentically styled and fully accessorized with character-specific detailing. We have worked closely with series creator Mel Birnkrant to ensure that each character is accurately depicted and true to the spirit of the original figures. Figures are also completely interchangeable, using Onell Design’s innovative Glyos system. Not only are the figures fully compatible with each other, but they also fit seamlessly into the entire Glyos universe!

So act fast and catch a glimpse of The Outer Space Men before these otherworldly ambassadors return to the stars!