Anthony Scattoreggio of ToyHype USA visited Four Horsemen Studios this past Friday and not only is he covering the G-Con 2019 event in the article linked below, but we even turned the tables on him and interviewed him for a change.

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The new pre-order for the Mythic Legions: Arethyr wave just launched on on Friday, July 26th during the 2019 Four Horsemen Toy Design G-Con event, and the response has already been incredible!

The Mythic Legions: Arethyr pre-order will run for at least two months, includes all of the characters shown below, and you also have the opportunity to purchase an All-In set which will include each character, both horses, both hands/feet sets, and both wings sets at a discounted price!

One question we’ve gotten is about Arethyr’s wings which are missing in the promotional images. YES, Arethyr will come with his wings when you purchase him individually and as part of the Arethyr & Aethon set.



Four Horsemen Studios G-Con 2019 goes live tomorrow – Friday, July 26th, from 11:00am EST to 4:00pm EST.

Short, live interview segments with creators, fans and friends connected to Four Horsemen Studios and Mythic Legions throughout the day.

Live Mythic Legions test shot giveaways every half hour, beginning at 11am EST. If your name is called you must email us your name, address, your Instagram/Facebook username and the name of the test shot you won in order for us to mail you your prize.

Live reveals for the newest Mythic Legions pre-order every half hour, beginning at 11am-ish EST.

The launch of the new Mythic Legions pre-order – wave title to be announced during the show – begins at 4:00pm EST on, and will run for approximately two months (specific end date to be announced).

At some random point during the event, a Mythic Legions: Ogre Legion Builder test shot will be given to one lucky winner!! You have to be viewing at the time of the giveaway, and email us your name, shipping address and your Instagram/Facebook username along with a note telling us that you were the winner of the Ogre Legion Builder test shot in order for us to send you your prize.

To watch all of the madness ensue, just tune in to either of the Four Horsemen Studios live feeds on Facebook Live ( or on Instagram Live (@four_horsemen_studios) at 11:00am EST, July 26th 2019. We may also make an attempt to live stream on Twitch (@cornboymayse66), but we’ll see how that goes.



Just a quick note to let you know that the figures that were purchased during the recent Mythic Legions in-stock sale have begun shipping, but due to the volume of orders that were placed during the sale, please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to ship.

As many of you are aware, there are STILL issues that are being addressed concerning the previous shipments of All-Stars 2.0, Advent of Decay & Soul Spiller (and we apologize for taking as long as we have on that stuff), and we’re continuing to address those emails in the order that they were received. The warehouse will be able to focus solely on getting those issues resolved as soon as the in-stock sale items have all been shipped.

As we mentioned in a previous post, there were some shortages on our stock of Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller from the factory, and we’re going back into production on those to fill that void soon. When those items ship to us, we’re also going to have them ship us the Barbarian Warrior Builders that were missing from the most recent Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay shipment. We’ll give everyone more specific dates on that stuff as soon as we have them from the factory.


RECENT STORE HORSEMEN IN-STOCK SALE: First and foremost we want to thank every single person who took time out of their schedule to participate in the recent Mythic Legions in-stock sale on Store Horsemen. Whether you were able to get into the Store Horsemen quickly and purchase at least some of the figures you wanted, or even if you tried hard and weren’t successful, and to everyone who helped spread the word about the sale and about Mythic Legions – we truly do appreciate the passionate enthusiasm of Mythic Legions fans and customers. As for the reason for the in-stock sale itself, our lease on our current warehouse space is going to be coming to an end in the very near future and we’re going to be moving on to greener pastures in that area (more about that below), so it was necessary for us to sell as much of our current inventory as possible all at once rather than have multiple in-stock sales over the span of several months as we’d originally planned. As we’ve stated with past in-stock sales, the popularity of Mythic Legions is growing much more quickly than we’d originally anticipated and even though we’ve continually increased the Store Horsemen bandwidth in order to try to handle all of the extra traffic, this time it just wasn’t enough and for the first time since we began creating and selling action figures created from our own properties, Store Horsemen actually crashed moments into the sale and was completely down for several hours. Not only were we locked out of our own store and unable to contact the company who handles our storefront to let them know of the problem, but at one point we were even being told that the store no longer existed at all. Store Horsemen eventually went back live on it’s own about five hours after the initial crash, and we kept the “2 characters per purchase minimum” in effect for several hours afterward in order to give everyone as fair a chance of possible to get the figures that they wanted. Even so, many Mythic Legions fans still weren’t able to get all of the in-stock figures that they wanted, and for that we’re truly sorry. There’s no reason we wouldn’t want the figures we’ve created to be kept from the hands of those that really want them. As we’ve mentioned recently, we’re taking measures to correct this issue and the recent ongoing issues with shipping & customer service, some of which should be quickly rectified with our fulfillment partnership with Megalopolis (see below) as well as a few other measures were going to be announcing in more detail in the near future. The good news is that you may very well have a chance to purchase many of the sold out characters again at a later date during an “All-Stars” pre-order. Also, if the figures you were interested in were part of the Soul Spiller wave, we wanted to let you all know that we were extremely (and accidentally) shorted by our factories on some of those characters (including the immensely popular Ice Troll), and we’re going to be going back into production on many of the characters from that wave to make sure everyone who wants them has a better chance at getting them. More about that soon.

STORE HORSEMEN, POWERED BY MEGALOPOLIS: As you’ve probably heard by now, we announced that we’re going to be partnering up with online retailer Megalopolis to handle the fulfillment of Mythic Legions product. What this means is that you’ll still be able to pre-order Mythic Legions waves through Store Horsemen, and when the stock for those pre-orders are shipped from our factories, they’ll go directly to the Megalopolis warehouse where they’ll handle all of the shipping and customer service logistics. We’re also currently in discussions to possibly run the Store Horsemen storefront through Megalopolis’s system in order to avoid problems like the recent crash of Store Horsemen, but that’s something we’re still working out, and we hope to have a bigger announcement about that in the near future. For those concerned, none of this should have any adverse effect on current Mythic Legions pricing. For those of you who order their Mythic Legions figures through outside retailers, don’t worry. They’re still going to be getting Mythic Legions shipments directly from us, and the Megalopolis partnership won’t affect that end of things at all. Along with longtime Four Horsemen product retailer Big Bad Toy Store, other domestic and international retailers are also jumping onboard with upcoming waves including some new international distribution partnerships. Mythic Legions is going worldwide. More on that soon.

G-CON 2019: This coming Friday, July 26th from 11:00am EST to (at least) 4:00pm EST the second annual Four Horsemen Studios G-Con will be live streaming from Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios on various social media outlets! Not only will there be guest appearances and interviews throughout the day, but we’ll also have periodic giveaways and upcoming reveals of characters that will be part of the next wave of Mythic Legions pre-orders which starts at 4:00pm – one hour before the end of the show (more on that below). Like last year, you’ll be able to watch the 2019 edition of G-Con on Facebook Live at or on Instagram Live at four_horsemen_studios. We’re also going to try to set up streaming of G-Con 2019 on at least one more platform, and if we do, we’ll make an announcement about that before the show begins.

MYTHIC LEGIONS JULY 26th PRE-ORDER: As mentioned above, beginning at 4:00pm EST on July 26th, we’ll be launching the next pre-order for Mythic Legions figures (we’ll announce the title of the wave during the broadcast, but we’re betting many of you can already figure out what it’s going to be), and this pre-order is definitely one you’re not going to want to miss. We’ll have more details on the upcoming event soon, but here are a few things that we’re currently ready to announce… 1) There will be an All-In available at a slightly discounted price. 2) We’re going to be sending out a free small gift along with each pre-order placed within the first 24 hours. Just so you’ll know what kind of item to expect, Mythic Legions fans who placed their pre-orders within the first hour of the Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller pre-order last year received a free mace & shield that matches colors of the upcoming Faustia figure from the Mythic Legions: Siege at Bjorngar wave. 3) Although our Mythic Legions pre-orders normally last about 30 days or so, this pre-order will last at least a full two months before we close it out, so you should have ample time to get your pre-order in.

POWER-CON 2019: August 17th & 18th, 2019 at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel in beautiful Anaheim, CA the fellas from Four Horsemen Toy Design will be making an appearance, and they’re bringing Mythic Legions with them! As previously shown, we’ll be debuting two characters – Kronnaw & Purrrplor – from the upcoming Mythic Legions: Wasteland wave at the show. More details about our appearance and the two Mythic Legions debut figures to be announced as the date of the show gets closer, but if you haven’t purchased your tickets for the show yet, then get your butt on over to to get them NOW!

TOYCON NJ FALL 2019 EDITION: The only things we can really currently say about the upcoming fall edition of ToyCon NJ is that we’ll be there, and you’ll want to be there as well. Oh, and that it’s November 9th & 10th, 2019.



Mythic Legions fans have been asking for specifics about our new fulfillment partnership with Megalopolis. We’ll be releasing more specific info on that before the Mythic Legions: Siege at Bjorngar wave ships, but we wanted fans and collectors to know that you’ll still be able to buy product directly through Store Horsemen (powered by Megalopolis), and retailers like Big Bad Toy Store and others will still be carrying and selling Mythic Legions on their online retail outlets. We’re also currently working out the final specifics on new international shipping details with various international distributors and retailers, and you’ll be seeing an update on that very soon.

Hopefully with all of these new changes coming about the slow-downs and the recent crash of Store Horsemen will be a thing of the past.




 July 17, 2019San Diego, CA – Online collectibles retailer Megalopolis is announcing today from the 2019 San Diego Comic Con the launch of its new exclusive domestic fulfillment partnership with Four Horsemen Studios for their property Mythic Legions, which is credited as being the most successful toy Kickstarter of it’s kind in history. Megalopolis will handle fulfillment beginning this fall with the “Mythic Legions: Siege at Bjorngar” wave,  with many more exciting developments in the works and more announcements expected in the coming months.

 “We are huge fans of Mythic Legions and the Four Horsemen both personally and professionally. We have loved watching the Mythic Legion brand grow in popularity and collectability exponentially over the years, and have a deep respect for their fanbase” said Matt Westover, President & CEO of Megalopolis.  “It’s an honor to be able to bring the Megalopolis brand of specialization and industry leading fulfillment to Mythic Legions and enhance the experience and value for buyers,  while freeing up the Four Horsemen to continue to grow and expand this amazing property even faster.”

 “Mythic Legions had grown so quickly, that we realized it was time to bring-in a new fulfillment partner in order to ensure that we could focus on delivering the best quality action figures to our fans, as quickly as possible and in perfect condition,” said H. Eric “Cornboy” Mayse from Four Horsemen Studios. “We became Megalopolis customers ourselves and were thoroughly impressed with their unique packaging, impeccable packing methods and positive customer reviews. They really seem to have mastered the full collector based experience and are definitely one of the finest in the industry when it comes to their “white glove service” that fans and collectors have come to appreciate.” Cornboy continued, “Our fulfillment partnership with Megalopolis will not only improve the shipping and customer service experiences of Mythic Legions fans and customers, but it’ll also allow us – Four Horsemen Studios – to focus solely on the continued development and growth of the ever expanding world of Mythic Legions, and we couldn’t be more excited about the partnership and future possibilities.”


The next Mythic Legions in-stock sale begins this coming Wednesday, July 17th @ 9:00pm EST and will run until all figures are all sold out.

This sale will include characters from three previous Mythic Legions waves – All-Stars 2.0, Advent of Decay and Soul Spiller. Some of these will be EXTREMELY limited and most likely will sell out quickly, so going to and placing your order early would probably be a wise move.

In order to keep things fair to all Mythic Legions customers and fans, all purchases in the first hour of this in-stock sale will be STRICTLY limited to no more than two of each character per each order placed. If we see that a single order contains more than two of any one character, it will be subject to being canceled without notification to the customer. PLEASE keep this in mind when placing your order within the first hour.

Prices on all of the figures will be the same as they were during their most recent Store Horsemen pre-order releases. As always, the money for this sale will be collected at the time of purchase or very soon thereafter, and combining of multiple orders won’t be allowed.

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