Battle Axe - Mythic Legions weapon from Four Horsemen Studios

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Battle Axe

This weapon was first released in the first Mythic Legions wave. It can be converted from a single sided weapon to two-sided. It was available in the "good" and "evil" weapons packs, as well as with the following figures:

  • Adamonn
  • Asterionn
  • Attila Leossyr
  • Attlus the Conquerer
  • Barbarian Builder set
  • Bothar Shadowhorn
  • Bronze Dwarf Legion Builder
  • Bubotros
  • Gold Skeleton Legion Builder
  • Gorgo Aetherblade
  • Knight Builder set 1
  • Knight Builder set 2
  • Mallatard the Duck
  • Malleus x2
  • Orc Legion Builder
  • Orn Steelhide
  • Osperus
  • Otho
  • Silver Dwarf Legion Builder
  • Sir Galeron
  • Skeleton Legion Builder
  • Thord Ironjaw
  • Urkku
  • Urzokk
  • Vorgus Vermillius

Mythic Legions Battle Axe weapon