People have been letting us know that they loved the images of the Power Lords: Power Soldier articulation we posted a few days ago, So here are a few pics of the articulation for the Sydot figure! As you can see, the ante has been upped in the articulation department on these guys.

Also, we’ve been getting questions about the images shown of some of the Power Lords figures that are currently up for pre-order on Store Horsemen, and we need to clarify that. If alternate heads or accessories are shown in the images on Store Horsemen, then those WILL be coming with that character. If the pre-order sale goes well enough, then other alternate heads and/or accessories may possibly be added to those or other characters down the road. That still remains to be seen, and will be decided after the pre-order wraps up.

Please keep in mind, that none of the payments for this Power Lords Store Horsemen pre-order will be collected until the end of the pre-order sale, and if we don’t meet the goal that we need to hit with this pre-order to meet factory production minimums, then the pre-order will be cancelled, and the credit card authorizations will be cancelled so that none of the money will be taken from your account.


To place your pre-order for the new Power Lords action figures, just go to NOW!


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